Top 5 Video Streaming Sites

Video streaming is one of the best live broadcasting services on the web. You can see live news, live event, live movies and any live on your computer via the internet. You can watch live cricket match via video streaming sites. According to news related to internet, numbers of users are increasing day by day; this is a good sign for video streaming sites. The person has no time to watch TV via cable. Most users are watching a movie, serial, matches and any things via video streaming sites on the computer, laptop and mobile phones with internet. Video streaming sites are offering all necessary videos and broadcasting tools on your mobile devices, iPad and camcorder. You can target more audience easily via social networking and social media sites to share your live streaming video link. You have the best option to popular in your industry.

Top 5 Video Streaming sites:


Ustream is one of the most popular live video streaming sites on the internet. Ustream has more than one million users in the world. It is providing high definition live video streaming on your mobile phone, laptop and computer. Ustream provides all the social media such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube for broadcasting. You can easily connect Ustream live video streaming site for watch broadcast.

ustream video streaming site


Livestream is another most famous live video streaming site on the internet. You can easily watch live video on Livestream. It is also offering the all social media sharing. You can share Livestream video on your social media site and recommend to your friends. Livestream provides all the new feature of live video streaming such as mobile apps, flash video player, embedding and sharing.

livestream video streaming sites


Twitch is one of the best live video streaming sites on the internet. Twitch provides special feature such as you can chat with other user while video streaming. Twitch is new live video streaming site after close of Millions of users are accessing the in the world via internet on mobile phone, camcorder, iPad, laptop, computer and many more. All types of social features are also providing such sharing, embedding video.

twitch video streaming site


Bambuser is a premium video streaming site on the internet. This is not more popular video streaming site. You can see the live broadcasting on Bambuser without any ads. Bambuser is also provides free version of live video streaming. This is also providing the social media feature.

bambuser video streaming sites


Vaughnlive is another greatest live video streaming site on the internet. You can live webcam who is live right now via click on a browser. You can see the live video vie webcam. Thousands of users are accessing this website for live video streaming and broadcasting.

vaughn video streaming site

I have listed top 5 live video streaming sites which allow to watch live broadcasting on your mobile phone and more electronic devices. All the video streaming sites are offering free and paid subscription for watch live broadcasting. You can easily watch live event, movies, and any funny videos. All the video streaming sites are providing the social media feature all single video. You can share video on your social profile and also connect the social media channel to get new updating regarding video streaming sites.

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