Top Social Networking sites List

Social networking is the best platform to connect people to share your opinion with people. You can connect a maximum number of people on the social networking circle. How to participate in Social networking platform? Social networking is an application and websites which allow connecting each other via login. You must have account to connect people on social networking sites.

How to create an account on social networking site? You should register accounts with Name and Email ID and verify your Email ID. You can share your personal issues and solution on social networking site also. There are various features will add to social networking site. You can easily use the social networking site without any problem. Below I am going to share what are the benefits of social networking sites in online marketing and social networking sites list.

Social networking sites list:

Facebook: This is most popular social networking site in the world. I think, most of the users know about Facebook. Facebook is providing all modern features such as like, comment, video chatting, sharing and connecting. Facebook is a user friendly site; you can easily use this website with the help of internet. You can also download the Facebook app for the mobile phone. You can always connect with people on Facebook with computer, mobile phone and tablet. Five million traffic daily visit

Twitter: Twitter is another most popular site on the internet for connecting people on twitter. This is the best platform to share fun and interesting point on Twitter in 140 characters including images also. You can share images, text and link to the twitter. Twitter has designed user friendly interface. You can easily share funny text message on Twitter by the login. Twitter has also provided modern facilities. Millions of users surf daily twitter. You can easily make an influence on twitter.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is another most famous professional social networking site on the internet. You can use LinkedIn for Commercial point such as get jobs; get local business, meeting with client and many more. Nowadays LinkedIn is the commercial status of the business. You must have a LinkedIn account according to Commercial business point of view. If you are working in any company then also you must have a LinkedIn account. You can also create an official Company Page as well as share your Idea in your Group and friend Circle.

Google+: Google plus is another most famous social networking site on the internet. Google Plus is becoming a top social networking site in a short period of time. You must use this website as a social networking site. You can get easily updates regarding Google Search engine as well as any tech related news on Google plus. Another advantage of Google plus is you can get easily rank in Google search engine result page with the help of Google plus. This is the best option for local marketing.

Pinterest: Pinterest is another most popular social networking site on the internet. You can say that Pinterest is site to share your creative idea related to any topic. Pinterest is offering high quality Do-follow links for every post. You can generate millions of traffic on your website through Pinterest. You should be use Pinterest for social media marketing and social media optimization. There are three type of data has been share on Pinterest such as infographic, creative images and meme. You need to register account in Pinterest before publishing any images. You can also login in Pinterest by Facebook, LinkedIn.

Instagram: Instagram is very popular social networking app on a mobile network. Millions of users are using the Instagram app in mobile phone to share creative photo. You can create your profile on mobile. Instagram is activated by phone numbers. You can Say that Instagram is very big social media site in the mobile world. According to my opinions, maximum users are using Instagram compare to Facebook. You should use Instagram to build brand name and traffic on your website or app. This is the best resource of web traffic.

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4 years 26 days ago

Nice collection of social profile or photo sharing site. A lots of thanks for sharing this post.

Regards: Hannery