Top 6 SEO Tips for WordPress Bloggers

WordPress is a very powerful tool to build everything be it simple websites, blogs, complex portals, enterprise websites or even applications.  On the other hand, these days all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have their search results based on what is considered most relevant to users. Working on WordPress is easy, but optimizing the site for SEO is tough and has evolved from simply keyword stuffing. Below are some of the tips and effective ways to enhance the SEO of a WordPress blog:-

  1. Website Optimization

By making easy navigation for your site one can help their viewers to catch quickly what the site is all about by looking at the keywords. Rankings can be pushed forward by creating clear and intuitive navigation by placing the content in front and centre with the most important information placed above the fold. Also, Google prefers non-intrusive ads that don’t get in the user’s way. Ensure that the site is accessible by either www or non-www as it is very important as the consistency helps Google index your site in a better way. It is essential to building blogs that are optimized for mobile else one may miss out on serious traffic. In fact, Google and Bing have stated that mobile-friendly websites will be ranked higher than those that are not. Apart from all this, choosing a good host provider plays a very crucial role as it helps in ranking and customer retention.

  1. Speeding up the Website

It is very important to keep the homepage speedy which can be done by displaying excerpts instead of full posts, and reducing the number of featured posts on the homepage or inactive plugins and widgets. By installing a caching plugin, the elements on a web page can be pulled together and that enables the site to load much quicker on the reader’s browser. Also, CDNs (Content Delivery Network) help the visitors to download the site at much quicker speed by collecting all the static files and delivering them to servers closest to the visitor’s geographical location. Refer this for more help. By optimizing all the images for quick loading, using LazyLoad on the images, compressing pages with GZIP and combining files to reduce the no. of HTTP requests one can speed up their website.

  1. Get Link Love

Create unique, well-constructed and great content if you want people to like and relate to your content. Guest posts help in reaching high and powerful readers and help in boosting your search engine rankings. Also by building relationships with the links of your competitors and collaborate with them. Running a back link analysis one can check the collection of all the sites currently linked to you.

  1. Well-optimized Content

Using keywords in the first 100 words, text links and domain names ( where ever relevant) helps Google to relate with searches of users but be careful of littering the keywords. The main keywords can be put on ALT attribute within the images. Search engines prefer unique and new content. LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords help in separating homonyms in search queries. Use of multimedia makes the content more engaging for users and they prefer sharing. By using internal links, installing Yoast SEO plugin, keeping URLs short and keyword-rich also helps in building well-optimized content. As suggested by SerpIQ research, longer contents rank higher on Google’s first page, but quality should not be compromised to achieve quantity. By searching in Google with “allintitle:” one can check the number of pages that currently contain the title. By using the keywords used by your competitors can help in achieving a better ranking.

  1. Social Media

This is an immediate way expose your work to new audiences and expands your brand potential by creating a backlink catalogue and is preferred in ranking by Google. All this can be done by increasing the number of followers, encouraging inbound and external links, increasing brand awareness, easily shareable content. Also, by checking out your performance by the analytics functions and displaying your social proof, one gets a prominent and noteworthy audience.

  1. Other WordPress Tips

Apart from the above-shared features, one can use Google Webmaster Tools, check their stats through Google Analytics and create a sitemap for having better SEO rankings. Re-working and promoting an article that had already gained a lot of popularity also helps. Avoid broken links and remove the spam comments as soon as possible, as they give a bad impact to your users. On top of that, it is very important to keep yourself educated and updated with the latest trends.

So, with this dynamic internet world and increasing hunger of good SEO rankings, it is best advised to use the above-mentioned tips.

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