Top 5 Natural Link Building Strategies

Google has updated numbers of algorithm to find an unnatural link to penalty website. The unnatural link building is very harm for website performance. You should avoid the unnatural link building techniques. You must create natural and organic links to your website ranking to rank better in Google search engine. Last 2-3 years number of websites have gotten a manual penalty from Google because of unnatural links. This is the single reason to manual penalty.

Natural Link Building What is Natural link Building?

Natural links is a type of high quality link which is helping to improve website ranking in Google Search engine. Natural links are created by high quality content publishing and get a signature link at the bottom of the content as well as create a contextual link to your website that links is natural links. You need to follow white hat SEO techniques as well as white hat SEO off page techniques for link building. There are various ways to create a natural link for your website.

Article Submission:

Article submission is one of the best ways to create high quality organic link to a website. You should publish high quality article as well as insert links in signature. You should avoid creating links in content or article body. Article sites allow putting maximum two links in article signature. You should not create more than two links in a single article. You should avoid single article publish in multiple sites. This is black hat techniques to publish a single article in multiple sites. I have already shared a list of article submission sites.

Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is another best option to create high quality links for a website. Google has also announced, the low quality guest post is harmful for website ranking as well as traffic. You should publish a high quality guest post as well as follow all the guideline related to content publishing because number of websites are banned because of the low quality guest post. You should avoid unnatural body link from Guest post. I have already shared a list of guest posting sites.

Press Release Posting:

Press Release submission is totally different from Articles submission and blog submission. You can create high quality links from Press release submission sites. Basically, press release is like a news related your product and business. You must be using this method to create high quality links as well as high volume traffic on website. There are various websites which are offering free and paid press release submission. According to your comfort you can choose the services.

Blog Posting:

Blog posting is another best way to create high quality links to your website you need to create an internal blog which are very helpful for any website according to ranking point of view. There are also external blog submission sites which allow to submit free blog. You need to follow all the content publishing guideline which is offered by Google. How to create your internal blog such as blog. website name or there are two options. I have already shared top blog submission sites.

Web 2.0 submission:

Web 2.0 is another good method to build high quality links for your website according to SEO point of view. There are various websites which are offering high quality link. You need to sign up before publishing any content on this website. You should avoid duplicate and low quality content on web 2.0 sites. this is the best option to create high quality natural links from web 2.0 submissions. I have already shared top 50 web 2.0 submission sites.

Is there such a thing as building too many links?

See More Natural Link Building Techniques

I have listed top 5 natural link building techniques which help to promote your website in Google search engine. You must follow those techniques to create quality links for your website. If you have another method to create quality links as well as which is mention in Google guideline please share via comment.

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