Best Alternatives to the Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the best application and game store for the Android devices. There are a lot of free and paid applications are present there.

Besides all these, Sometimes, You just can’t find some of the applications out there so you instantly had an idea hold on there must be another application store where I should download it. The fact is yes, there are thousands of app store are online at the moment. But as the smart user, I will not personally give a try any random app store. Because of Security matters. And we do not want to lose our personal information. Play store is the biggest application store present in the world may be the universe well who knows. So it’s my duty to choose the best alternative application and game stores so that you can just keep enjoying your apps and games.

Will any other store be safe to use with compare to Google Play Store?

Luckily, yes there is a number of app stores that are okay to use with respect to its security aspect. We should keep in mind that security is a big issue nowadays so we should only use authentic app and game store. Yes, we want to enjoy some of the games and apps but we can’t compromise with our important data.

Why should anyone use any other app store?

This is a very valid question that can come to anyone’s mind. Well, being on the top Google Play Store also does not have all the applications present at the moment. So there is the high possibility that you might not find a specific application or game there that you want to play. We also have to keep in mind about the security levels of these app stores. So coming back to our alternatives I will list only those app stores that meet the current standards of security and features.

Best Alternative for Google Play Store

This list is made on the basis of high security and excellent features. These app stores are also very user-friendly to use. These app stores usually have all the best games, apps and some of them also have songs, movies and latest information. Here you can browse any application or game easily and can install on your android device.  I have not selected many stores because I just wanted to list best of the best.

List of Android App Store

AIO Downloader

AIO Downloader makes its position in the list successfully. It has some fantastic features. It provides you with the very high five security level. I think this should be the first reason for any app store. Its name covers the ALL IN ONE (AIO) Downloader. You don’t have to guess guys it means it does not only have a collection of applications and games but songs and movies too.

It also keeps you updated with the time that provides the latest information about new happenings.

We should download it only from an authentic reason. You can download it from Google Play Store.


APKMirror, my first recommendation. It has a bundle of very good features for its users and it also provides an excellent security level for its users. So the user does not hesitate to visit the store. Downloading of any application or very simple. Just search the application of your will and download in seconds. APKMirror has successfully been running for years. It has given a very tough time to its competitors.

It has the all the applications and games that are listed on Google Play Store. APKMirror also has some applications that are not present on Google Play Store. This is why it makes it on the top of the list. One more thing to discuss its features is it provides you with the older or previous versions of the applications or games if you don’t like the updated ones. So if you don’t like the new version of any game or application simply you can download its old version and it will not spoil the fun.


Aptoide Competes for the list very well. Sometimes it also comes to the time for its top features. Any Android device can be facilitated with this spectacular app store. Why did I call it spectacular? Because of some reasons let’s just discuss them. It was available for its users in 2009. It has all the collection of application and games that are listed on Google Play Store.

Besides all these, it also has some phenomenal stats to share. Users can access more than 800,000 applications and games. It also has the number of users after Google Play Store. it has almost 150 million users and these numbers are changing in a positive way daily.

You can use it on any Android device if you don’t have one you can also access it through your computer because they also facilitate with an excellent web site.

Ac Market

I have listed this one because of its high-security aspect. This is a very lightweight app that can be used to any average memory android device. This app store is developed by App Cake. Very easy peas interface to use. Any beginner can easily use it. App Cake updates it regularly and fixes the patches as soon as possible.

Its interface is quite similar to Google Play store. Also has some of the latest apps that one will not find on Google Play.

Amazon App Store

Amazon is the name of the top online store in the market. Amazon is also manufacturing some quality top android phones and selling them on their online store. They have given a special name to their phones. They are called Amazon Fire Devices. These Android phones don’t have Play Store. Because they want to promote their own app store. And they are been successful.

Amazon App Store provides the best features and good security. App store has all the games and apps that are on Google Play Store.


So finally I have stated all the best possible alternatives that I think should be on a list. If you think any good app store is missing just let me know.

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