11 Creative DIY Gifts to Make Your Close Ones Happy

If you are a DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiast, then making gift items could be one of your favorite hobbies. DIY gift items are affordable to make and brings the most happiness to the gift receiver. You may need certain raw materials and tools to prepare these items. But once you are done perfecting the gift, you will not be disappointed.

Top DIY gift items you can present to your loved ones.

1). Ice Cream Stick Bookmark 

Get a pack of ice cream sticks and convert them into bookmarks. You can paint over and write a quote on the surface. If you are great at the craft, then you can make shapes (arrow, leaf, flower etc) out of these sticks and gift it as a bookmark.

DIY Gifts

2). Knitted Socks and Mittens

Do you know to knit? Then knit comfortable socks and mittens and utilize it as a gift item during baby-showers or present it to someone in the winters. Include creative designs on the mittens and socks to make them look more interesting.

DIY Gifts

3). Flower Basket

Handmade baskets are not uncommon. You can make one yourself with help of tall grass and leaves or even fabric and sticks. You can send flowers in the basket to anyone whom you would like to give a pleasant surprise. Add other goodies such as a pack of dry fruits, sweets etc to the basket.

DIY Gifts

4). Reading Pillows

Have you ever wanted to prop against a pillow while reading a novel? Then you got it right, every bookworm needs a reading pillow! You can make one by stuffing cotton and scrap cloth into fabric cases and then sewing it up.

DIY Gifts

5). Natural Oil Soaps

Did you ever try making body soaps at home? It is pretty easy. You need to harvest plant fat or melt cocoa butter or shea butter, add few generous drops of natural oils and add the mixture to a mould. Now let it cool down. Once done, you have the homemade natural oil soap, which you can gift to your loved ones.

6). Tile Photo Coasters

Do you have spare tiles from the last home improvement project? Do not keep them lying idle anymore. Paint over it and convert these to coasters. Pack them up in pairs and tie with a silk ribbon, and send it to a far-away relative along with flowers delivery, perfect utility gift, isn’t it?

7). Colorful Portraits

If you have the flair of drawing and creating portraits, then you can simply gift someone their own portrait picture. You can even make the wooden frame to mount the painting, yourself. This gift will certainly win the heart of the present receiver.

DIY Gifts

8). Homemade Chocolates and Cookies

Talking about winning hearts, some people are the happiest when they get homemade cookies and chocolates! If you know someone who has a sweet-tooth, then you can either order selective cookies and chocolates from florists in India or make this yourself, whichever suits your needs.

DIY Gifts

9). Fabric Scrap Keychain

You may have spare tee-shirts or clothes that you no longer wear. Rather than disposing of, repurpose those. Clothing that has colorful prints or designs can be cut into various shapes and made into a keychain. You can add embellishments of your choice.

10). Paper Lanterns

Simple and adorable, paper lanterns are the easiest DIY gifts to make. You can make a lampshade for someone, if not a paper lantern. Draw or print over the surface to make it look more eye-catching. You can try making floating paper lanterns.

11). Beaded Jewellery Items

Not only beaded jewelry items are expensive if you purchase these from a shop, but have a great aesthetic value attached. All you need is colorful bead balls of different shapes and sizes and a string (made of the material you want: fabric, thread, gold, silver, sea-shell etc) to make simple yet elegant beaded jewelry item to gift to others.

DIY Gifts

Consider the above-mentioned DIY gifts for your near and dear ones this month and be the reason for their smile.

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