Few Of The Best WordPress IG Plugins For Interactive Feed Display

Whenever someone is talking about Instagram, they are practically talking about its 800 million users. So many active users can easily make IG one of the promising and fastest growing social networks of 21st century. It has a social stranglehold on some of the industries. Right from music to fashion, cooking to fitness and more, these companies are marketing on Instagram, for showing off vibrant and bright photographs and allow a connection, which is way more powerful than Twitter or Facebook.

What makes IG so popular?

One of the reasons for making Instagram such an exceptional branding tool is mainly because of the simplicity involved. You can easily take pictures from your phone and then add a beautiful filter to it. Now, you can easily post that picture online without connecting to a computer. This format is not just faster to upload than any of the other social networking platforms, but the result makes the image looks creative yet professional similarly. Chances are high that your company will have an Instagram account. If it does, there is no shame in sharing some pictures over there. Luckily, there are some of the best WP IG plugins available, which are simple to use and as easy as the IG platform. You can always head towards https://gramblast.com/ to learn some more about the IG plugins, designed for the WordPress website.

Instagram Feed:

This plugin is a great place to head start with the search. It is an insanely simple form of a plugin to configure with some tools for displaying photos and then attaching multiple IG accounts if you need one. Another reason is that the service is free of cost for most of the required features. In case you want to pay few bucks for the pro version, you can either pay $39 or $79, depending on the number of sites you are planning to support.

  • With the features in pro version, you will receive some added items like the option to display posts by hashtags and even a pop-up lightbox for the impeccable viewing experience. It is always clever to head towards pro version as it helps in showing captions for images and with video support.
  • This feed does not require any payment for the base plugin, making it free and most of the necessary features are in that base platform. You can easily customize the IG gallery with liberty to adopt the style of the website, controlling width, choose column and change order of photos.
  • If comes with the “load more” feature, which helps in revealing all your pictures. It will help in keeping the entire feed smaller almost all the time, and will not slow the site’s speed down. It comprises of some powerful tools, which will keep everything under wrap in a simple package. You don’t have to be an advanced WordPress coder or user for the right results, just within a few minutes’ time.

WD IG Feed:

Thanks to this WD Instagram Feed, you can easily create the perfect IG gallery with added effects like lightbox with captions. These captions are added with free version too, making it a nice bonus when compared to IG feed plugin, as just mentioned above. On the other hand, the free version is here to offer you with nice package with options for hash tag feeds and username, thumbnail and image browser layouts and some support for the unlimited feeds. Then you cannot just forget the pro version, which offers multiple added built-in tools and extensions.

  • This plugin offers some of the most amazing and powerful filters and feed merging tools. It helps in creating the ultimate viewing quota. Moreover, the free version is associated with powerful IG feed, which is associated with light box functions and widgets help.
  • If you ever plan to spend some bucks on this plugin, then the premium one starts at a mere rate of $25. Here, you always get the option to procure all the features, which you get otherwise from Web Dorabo plugin at a whopping $99!
  • With the free plugin, you will receive two default themes. Moreover, there are so many customized tools, which are procured for added services like enabling comments, follow buttons, hanging the layout and some more.
  • This plugin will offer you with a feature to combine feeds from various IG accounts. So, if you ever plan to run a chain of any sort or want to add personal feed with business one, you can always get that option as well.

WP Instagram Widget:

If you don’t feel like downloading plugin with added styling, then the WP Instagram Widget might save the day. It is already stripped down to barebones. It means that the developers are on charge to style feed gallery with the available CSS from your side. You might want to consider this option if you don’t want too much styling or if you are with an experienced developer already. In case you are planning to change the sizes, colors or headings, and have no knowledge with coding, this one might be a bit disappointing for you.

  • It does not have any preset styling. So, you have every right to customize every nook and corner of the website and work with CSS. But you need some technical help with that.
  • This form of plugin is quite light in weight because it is stripped down to practically nothing. It ensures that the website remains clean or free of clunky plugins.
  • The WP Instagram Widget is also termed to be a free option and there is no any area where you might be asked to upgrade to premium sign up or plugin for add-ons, if needed.
  • This plugin is mostly designed to function as a widget. Therefore, you can easily place IG feed into sidebar and then show up all pages in your website. You don’t even have to connect to Instagram API. You can add username and password from your own IG account.

Just go through each one of the options as mentioned just now, and then select the one which is speaking out to you the most!

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