Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs That Should Not be Miss to Read

Digital marketing is everywhere and its strong impact on worldwide customers does not need any introduction. Be it any industry, if digital marketing is effectively used, every company can reach to the whole new height within a short period of time, that too with less investment as compared to other modes of marketing. There are many digital marketing blogs available on various different online platforms, but not all of them are beneficial and worth our time. Under this blog, we will give you more info about digital marketing blogs that are worth reading. So let’s begin with these 2 topics;

  • Best Digital marketing blogs that are worth to read
  • Advantages of Reading Good Digital Marketing Blogs

Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs That Are Worth to Read

We will start our discussion with a short introduction of the best picked 10 digital marketing blogs that you should read without amiss.

1).Social Media Examiner

This is for the individuals who are interested in knowing more about the social media platforms that are helpful in creating positive awareness about their brand. By reading this blog you will know more about all the beneficial platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. You will know these platforms can help you make your digital marketing campaign a grand success.

The Best benefit is that you will get is the annual Social media marketing Industry Report for free. In this report, a number of marketers’ information will become handy for you.

Digital Marketing Blogs

2). The Moz Blog

This is no doubt one of the best blog on can read about Digital Marketing. Missing this blog will be a big loss because it gives you detailed information about significance as well as the importance of digital marketing. If you want to stay at the same pace as that of the industry updates about Inbound marketing activities/initiatives and SEO activities, then this blog is a great help.

The Moz blog covers everything that a good marketer should know about the endless SEO activities. Making an effective digital marketing plan becomes easier after reading this blog.

Digital Marketing Blogs

3). Content Marketing Institute

It is basically written to educate digital marketers about effective content writing, and use them effectively in various online platforms, accessing research documents like whitepapers, eBooks, etc.

This blog will explain everything about the effectiveness of quality content for every brand. You will know why a content should be précised as well as information for all the target audience, right from the industry trends as well as best practices are well-mentioned in this blog. Many successful firms utilize the knowledge gained from the Content Marketing Institute.

So, read this blog and get ready to make an extraordinary content marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Blogs

4). KissMetrics Blog

This is all about the Data-driven marketing techniques, testing insights, analytics and every other essential that a digital marketing team should know about. There is a separate dedicated team for keeping a sharp eye on the statistical trend of the industry and for making reports about the same. These reports are then used to improve the brand’s online performance. Their posts have all the details about the same, including reasons behind their suggestion or reports, which in-turn help marketers to improve their marketing techniques according to the current industry need and take a beneficial business decision based on their reports in order to achieve their marketing goals.

Digital Marketing Blogs

5). Econsultancy Blog

The Econsultancy blogs are completely based on the whole of the digital marketing spectrum and cover every possible specific niche industry. It is full of practical advice for B2B as well as B2C and helps in making an effective digital marketing plan using latest innovative industry trends. It is a perfect place to know about the innovative trends you can implement in your business. You can rely on their marketing advice and other tricks to reach your goals in short span of time.

Digital Marketing Blogs

6). PSFK

This visually appealing blog stand out and is far more ahead in many aspects. Be it a marketing campaign specific, gadget related information or any other technical topics, they provide more than just perfect information about all of them. They always pick an interesting topic to write about which is much more in trend and has the efficiency of engaging the customer to a great extent. By raising interesting questions, posting articles about latest topics they have made a huge fan base in the industry. People look up to their blogs very interestingly and wait for their next post to keep themselves updated and on the same page as that of industry developments.

7). Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert is basically a digital marketing advisor that helps people know how they can convince their target customers through effective use of digital marketing techniques and then convert them into leads with an ease. They offer a huge knowledge bank about blogs, websites, podcasts, ebooks, and many more. Therefore many experts consider it as one-stop-destination to learn end-to-end details about digital marketing techniques.

They are so strong that they totally change your point of view about your own content in different beneficial ways. Reading their short, crisp and informative blogs can help you in thinking out-of-the-box marketing strategies to lead in the industry.

Digital Marketing Blogs

8). PR Daily News

This is again another source to know the industry’s latest happenings throughout the world. Full of new topics based on different niches, industries, etc. They have a habit of giving a perfect blend of information regarding the best tools, techniques, trends and other digital marketing essentials including end-to-end tech information as well as content marketing.

9). The ROI Factor Blog from Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is known for writing great blogs, be it any topic. Right from digital marketing strategy, marketing tools and techniques designs to every possible marketing technique, you will get it all. But when it is about digital marketing, their ROI Factor Blog gives out-of-the-box information. They talk about latest innovative digital marketing trends that can surely benefit in making a good digital marketing move, best practice to be followed, advantages of result-driven marketing campaigns, creative outlook and many more conversation about digital marketing.

10). Marketing Land

They do a commendable job of digging into the marketing related field, topics, etc. to pull out useful information to be used by marketers and ultimately benefit them in various different ways. The marketing Land’s blog is full of quality and informational content about industry’s latest news and all other different topics like content management systems, informative posts, new features of widely used social media platforms that a marketer must know.

The best part is that through their blogs, you can easily interact with industry leaders and get benefited from their expertise.

Digital Marketing Blogs

Advantages of Reading Good Digital Marketing Blogs

Going through all above blogs, you must have a clear idea of how beneficial they are for every business. But, take a glance at some of the benefits you can enjoy by reading these digital marketing blogs consistently.

  • You can efficiently improve your brand’s marketing techniques
  • Keep yourself at the same pace as that of the latest trends of the industry
  • Keeping yourself updated will help you reach your goals faster
  • Improve your online presence with a big bang

People always remain curious about reading Digital marketing blogs that are engaging, informational as well as beneficial for their business. Don’t miss to see ‘JanBask Digital Design‘ for more information about the same. They can help you grow faster in this fast-growing digitized world.

Wrapping Up:

The Whole world is getting digitized because we have seen a massive increase in the use of the internet as compared to the last decade. Therefore, Digital marketing has become the need of every industry. Reading all above blogs will let you stay tuned as per the technological advancement and you can use the digital marketing more effectively.

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