How to Recover Permanently Deleted Data Files from External Hard Drive

Hard drive is a device used for storing files and documents. The article explains all the possible reason due to which data loss can occur in the hard disk. Moreover, multiple methods are explained to recover temporary as well as permanent data from hard drive.

An external hard drive is a carryable storage device, which can be attached to the computer through USB cable. The external hard drive is used to save the backup of data such as images, videos, files, etc. But, many times it happens that the data from this storage device gets lost or corrupted. Now the question arises, how can we recover the deleted data from an external device. Do you think is there any method to recover soft and hard deleted data from the externally connected storage device? Well, the answer is yes. In this post you will find the useful methods to get back lost data easily.

Can Data be Recover from Hard disk after Permanent Deletion?

Yes, the data file deleted permanently from external or internal hard drive can be recovered. Because the hard disk stores data into sectors. At the time of deletion, data is deleted from the system, but not from the hard disk. The documents and files remain in the hard disk but not accessible. So it is possible to recover permanently deleted data from external or internal hard disk drive.

Reasons for External / Internal Hard Disk Drive Failure

There are many reasons due to which hard drive stops working in a proper manner. And causes permanent data loss from external and internal hard drive. Some of the factors are listed as follows:

  1. Malware attacks
  2. Human Error
  3. Corrupted Files
  4. The heat of the system
  5. Electronic Failure
  6. Accidental file deletion

Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from External Hard Drive

Note: Once you know that the hard drive data cannot be accessed normally, do not perform any operation on it. Because the overwritten data cannot be recovered by any means. So if you lost your valuable data and want to get back. Then go through the listed methods and recover permanently deleted data from external  / internal hard drive.

Method 1: Recover Permanently Deleted Files via Backup

If a user takes backup at a regular period of time, there is a slight possibility that the data can be recovered. However, it is not guaranteed that the data will be extracted for sure.

Create backup on Other Hard Disks: Many users keep the same documents and files on different storage devices or different partition on the same storage device. If the data is corrupted or formatted, users can go through these backups. But taking regular backup to external hard drive is not an easy task. If you have updated file then you can easily restore permanently deleted data.

Backup Created by Microsoft Windows: If backup feature is enabled by the user, there is an option to examine system backups, file history, or other previous backups to recover deleted file from the hard drive. Microsoft provides these features to recover permanently deleted data from internal and external hard drive.

Generate Backup and Upload it to Cloud Storage: To avoid data loss from internal and external hard drive. Users can upload their files to the cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. In this way, files are saved and in case of data loss user can easily retrieve lost data backup. It is the easiest way to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive. But taking regular backup is not an easy task.

Method 2: Professional Way to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from External Hard Drive

Although, a user can recover permanently deleted files from the backup. But, this approach is not very applicable if user do not have backup. It does not guarantee the extraction of complete data. So, it is advised to use an automated tool to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive easily. This tool is an efficient way to get the corrupted and permanently deleted data from external hard drive. Some of the benefits of using this utility to recover shift + deleted data file recovery:

  • The software retrieves and store hard-deleted files and folders
  • Supports corrupted and formatted file system: FAT, ExFat, and NTFS
  • Capable of extracting data from external as well as internal storage device
  • Data can be fetched from the devices such as EIDE, IDE, and SATA
  • An option to get back videos, audio, files, and other relevant documents
  • External storage devices can be detected using a refresh option in the tool
  • Data can be extracted from both hard drive partition: GPT and MBR
  • Recovered hard-deleted data is highlighted with a red color
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and other below versions

Steps-Wise Procedure to Recover Lost Data Using Automated Tool

A user has to follow these steps to retrieve permanently deleted files and folders from the external hard drive:

  1. Launch The SysTools Software on your windows machine
  2. Now, you can see that there are two types of scanning, simply select one
    • Scan: – Select this option for deleted, and corrupted data recovery
    • Formatted Scan: – Select this option for formatted data recoveryHow to Recover Permanently Deleted Data Files from External Hard Drive
  1. Wait for some time till the scanning completes. After that, you can view all folders in the left panel.
  2. Then, select a folder from the left pane and view complete data on the right side of the tool. The deleted data is marked by red colour.
  3. Now, select those files or folders, which you want to recover and click on,

Final Words

External Hard drives can be used in two ways: first is to transfer data from one device to another and second is to store the data. But, it usually happens that the external device gets corrupted or formatted. In both the cases, a user is unable to use the data stored in here. Therefore, the write-up deals with the solution to retrieve deleted files from the corrupted hard drive. Additionally, best method is also explained for how to recover permanently deleted data files from external hard drive.

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