Optimizing Instagram Profile for Social Marketing and SEO

Instagram and SEO might not seem to be influencing each other; however, with the growing popularity of the visual-sharing platform, professionals are sensing an indirect impact on SEO due to heavy Instagram marketing. When it comes to Instagram, it is currently the most sought-after platform for marketers and users all over the world. The platform is decked with a multitude of features and with new features like IGTV and Stories being upgraded and added every day, it goes without saying why everyone is heading towards the visual-only platform for meeting their individualistic needs.

Search engine optimization means having a decent search ranking for your business website on the major search engines like Google. As Google has always kept user-experience the key determining factor for high ranking, using Instagram marketing for high user engagement will have a great influence on your overall SEO. With that being said, take a look at the various ways to optimize your Instagram profile for more following and enhance both your Instagram marketing and SEO:

Integrate Your Other Social Media Accounts

Prior to starting publishing on your Instagram account, ensure that you have completely set your profile and are ready to promote yourself in front of your target audience. When it comes to properly set up your Instagram profile, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is adding your name, website URL, and a bio or description of your brand and what you do. Apart from that, another important addition that you need to make is incorporating your Instagram account to other accounts that you have created on different social media channels. This will let your followers and audience know that you are now available on Instagram and you will get more Instagram followers.

Introduce an Instagram Tab on Your Facebook Profile

For online businesses that also own a Facebook Page, you can easily add an Instagram tab on the page. This setup process is a pretty easy one, as all you need to do is simply authorizing Instagram to have an access to your Facebook data and the platform will accept your request to create a tab of your Instagram account. Needless to say, both Facebook and Instagram are currently the most dominating social media channels all over the Internet and integrating both of them will drive a lot of following to your Instagram profile.

Curate Relevant and Quality Hashtags

Hashtags confer your account with the highest rate of exposure possible. Focusing on your hashtags research and application are just like the keyword research that you do for your SEO with an intention to gain more visibility on the web. Hashtags have a similar kind of impact on the visual-sharing platform, as it will make your profile and content discoverable in front of the right audience. When you incorporate hashtags into your visual posts on the platform, you ensure that is publicly viewed and the audience can filter it out by sorting it under that particular hashtag page.

This calls for having a staunch hashtag research and curating the right ones in order to build a huge base of Instagram followers on the platform. With qualitative and relevant hashtag application in your Instagram posts, you increase your chances to expose your account and brand in front individuals who can relate to it, owing to common interest and goals.

Utilize Hashtag Tools

Before you pick hashtags for application in your posts, make sure that you have done enough research to understand the specific phrases that are currently being used on the platform which relate to your content. Not only will this lead to the amplification of your content, but it will make your hashtag highly relative and supplemental to your post. Also, you can go for some of the hashtag optimization tools that will help you in curating the right hashtags in order to get the right clarity of the context for adding the perfect hashtags. In fact, with hashtag optimization tools, you can also get notified of the popularity of the keywords that you are using on the platform.

Research Your Competitors

Apart from curating hashtags that you will be utilizing in your posts, it is also necessary to take a strong approach for researching your competitors in the market as well. Not only your peers but keeping an eye on the work of major personalities and celebrities will give you a great idea on how to market your business on the platform. Identify the quality of the posts and the particular hashtags that your competitors are using in their specific marketing campaign. Moreover, watch out for the quality of their top performing posts and the type of content that they are using for captivating the audience on the platform.

Focus on Engagement

Assuming that you now have the right impression regarding how to use the hashtags, it is time to discover other accounts and engage with them. As Instagram is an amazing platform that is decked with an amazing community, it allows you to build your own base of dedicated and loyal Instagram followers. This process can be really simple if you work on the right strategy by finding individuals who share the common interests and will make a sensible addition to your brand. Take time to find such accounts and like some of their images, comment on the posts that they have shared and follow their Instagram profile, ensuring a follow back to your profile.

Run Contests

Once you have begun to grow a follower base, you can announce contests and giveaways that will compel more users to follow your profile on the platform. With a contest that offers incentives to your followers for participating in it, you can drive immense traffic to your website, enhancing your SEO indirectly. Holding and running contests on Instagram also renders you the benefit of exposing your brand and profile to more Instagram users on the platform.


Optimizing your Instagram profile will influence your SEO in the long run and you can have a great online success. Adhere to the aforementioned guidelines and ensure high optimization and success of your Instagram and SEO campaign.

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