How To Use Instagram To Boost Your Business Revenues?

In today’s world of business marketing, marketing specialists and business owners have to be constantly remained at the top of their game and adopt new and innovative business marketing strategies in order to stay ahead of their competition continually. One of the most novel ways of doing this is by incorporating various platforms of social media in order to promote their specific businesses and make household names of their brands. In this article, you shall learn about why you must be using Instagram in order to help boost your business sales more.

The Power of Social Media

Social media has taken the world over by a storm in the last decade. These days, every business brand have dedicated social media profiles on all social media channels in order to publicize more about their businesses. This includes social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With social media, you can expose your business to a huge global audience and make your business become familiar to a lot of people. Business owners hire dedicated digital marketing specialists to manage their social media profiles, such as the power of social media which when harnessed can produce outstanding results.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. Ever since it first arrived on the scene in 2011, Instagram has grown leaps and bounds from being just an application where people shared their personal photos to be a digital marketing hub. Instagram has around 500 million active users throughout the world with at least 40 million active monthly users. Instagram will help you to present your business to a worldwide audience. It will help you to present your business to a global stage and let you find new target audiences. This will benefit you in the sense that now you can find new people to sell your business products to.

Using Instagram

It will not just benefit you to have a business profile on Instagram; you must understand how you can use it properly also. By following the guidelines mentioned below, you can start to use Instagram effectively in order to draw more business sales efficiently.

Posting visual content:

As you probably would already know, Instagram is a platform that allows only visual content to get posted in the form of photos and small 1-minute long videos. You must post visual content on Instagram in the form of photos and videos that pertain to your specific business products. Besides these, you can also post various memes and other photos which can relate to the industry or the niche of your business.

Posting the best photos:

Post always the best photos of your business products. Take high-resolution photos of your business products from various angles and only upload the best photos so that you can display to your audience the best photos. You must use your photos as a medium to entice your audience into buying your products. You need to show them why your products are the best and what purposes they will serve to people. Try to upload photos that show your products being put to use; this will help more people understand how they ought to be using your products and what functions your products will be served.

Videos must reflect the usability of your products:

The videos which you upload on Instagram must not be random. You must upload videos which show how your products are made, how people ought to use your products and so on. You can also upload videos showing how people can make the optimum use of your products and increase its longevity. Besides this, also upload some generalized DIY videos and educational or informational videos, this will help you to draw new followers to your page considerably.

 Use hashtags:

One of the best features of Instagram is its incorporation of hashtags. Hashtags are essentially modified versions of keywords which help to improve the discoverability of your posts in a better way. The hashtags will describe your products in unique short phrases. You can try to find what the relevant and most popular hashtags are for the products in your particular industry and niche. Do not put hashtags which are misleading or do not relate to your products. You must use an optimum number hashtag of 5 hashtags per post.


In your captions, you must describe the basic information of your products. Along with the descriptions, you must put in the hashtags of the post and also remember to include a link to your official business website. Remember, the caption will be the first thing that a user will notice after discovering your post via the hashtag. So, you must not try to be too creative or put anything which the common user will have difficulty in understanding.

Embedding links:

Link embedding is one of the important requisites of marketing via Instagram. On Instagram, you must always remember to embed links of your official business website at the end of the description of the caption under your posts. The links will help to drive more traffic to your business website also. Mention only the basic information of your products in your captions, while you must include broader descriptions and purchasing options in your business website, to which the user can visit from the embedded links in your posts.


A lot of business marketing specialists use Instagram to conduct online competitions to help with their marketing; such competitions attract a lot of users to participate in them. This results in increasing user engagement and helps in more people learning about your business and becoming aware of your business products in general.

You can use an Instagram automation tool to help you in making your Instagram marketing an easier process.


Instagram has changed the way business marketing is done over the internet completely. With Instagram, you can expose your business to a wide range of audience throughout the world. This will help you to generate more business sales. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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