SEO Tutorial Guide: 11 Actionable SEO Tips for 2018

You know that you don’t just launch a website, buy a few links and hope to get the number one ranking overnight.

SEO is continuously developing, and this will continue in 2018.

We have identified 11 key aspects that are essential for SEO 2018.

The most significant results are summarized below:

1). Information and user-friendly titles are conquering the filling of keywords.

In the search for all the pages we analyzed, the pages with user-friendly headings and keywords performed significantly better than the pages without keywords.

As we have seen in recent years, Google is becoming increasingly intelligent at reading websites and can now support optimization quite well.

Actionable SEO Tip: Update your titles (H1, H2, etc.) to make them easier to use and more compelling, rather than full of keyword variations.

2). URLs that go straight to the point are essential.

During our research, we found that the longer the URL is, the lower the ranking of the site on the first page. From what we can learn, it is due to a combination of influences from the user experience, as well as some algorithmic influences.

It seems that Google wants you to get to the point in everything you do, not to defeat the mug for the threshing floor.

SEO tip: Shorten the URL to 3-4 words. Cut out the fillings and stick to the pure content that helps the reader to understand the page.

3). The headings of the pages must be descriptive.

Like the headings, optimizing the page title and filling in keywords has been less and less effective in the last 12 months.

There is not much more to say than to write a user-friendly page title. But you also have to mention your keyword.

Actionable SEO Tip: Rewrite the page titles so that they do not contain more than one version of your keyword while you use it in a user-friendly manner.

4). Your pictures should tell a story

During the monthly site audits, we found that the use of an effective and optimized alternative text can play an essential role in the classification of specific keywords.

Tip on using this SEO feature: You can add alternative descriptive text to your website.

5). More data in the search results lead to more traffic, even if you don’t get a better ranking.

Recently there has been much talk about the importance of schematic markings on websites. Our research showed no direct correlation between the use of the outline and the highest search results.

What we have seen on our customers’ pages is that their click rates have increased by an average of 12-16% after implementing the system, which means a healthy increase in overall traffic.

The most effective increases were in photos, reviews and prices.

SEO point active: Ask your developer to implement the correct formatting scheme on your site to increase traffic to your site.

6). Keep your reader entertained and engaged.

User participation is one of the most crucial SEO tactics for 2018, and we think it makes sense to invest in a world-class copywriter to ensure that readers not only stay on the site but also convert it.

However, designers around the world have won the budget war too long, so websites that look good often have terrible articles.

Although the design is a critical factor in the engagement of a website, it is essential in 2018 that your content is fascinating and easy to read and keeps the user on the site.

By reducing bounce rates and increasing page time, we have seen a healthy increase in customer rankings once a better copy has been introduced.

SEO Tip: Invest in a quality copywriter to rewrite your website content. This improves not only your SEO positioning but also your conversions and thus your profits.

7). Security issues

HTTPS is now an essential part of the algorithm. With Google announcing that it is a matter of winning for sites that are safe, there is never a better time to go into HTTPS.

When implementing HTTPS, you must ensure that the SEO team is involved in the necessary changes and forwards them to your website to avoid double penalties for content.

SEO Tip: Invest in an SSL Certificate and implement an HTTPS version of your website.

8). Quality and quantity alone are not enough for your backlinks.

Visiting several websites enables us to test the effects of links in a controlled manner. In recent months, the issue of relevance or authority has hit the competition office hard for each of the parties.

When we finally tested it, the results speak for themselves.

What we did was to choose five niches and two websites in each niche. We linked to a DA30 site that was niche specific and to other links from a site with the same metrics that were not relevant to the customer’s niche.

Results – The relevant niche links were on average 15-18% stronger on the rising rankings.

Recommended use of Links: Create an individual link plan for 2018 based on the idea of domain relevance, not only for the responsible authority.

9). Domain metrics still remain important.

Domain Authority (measured by Moz) remains the most crucial factor in connection with the establishment. In fact, we found that a website with a DA of 50 packs more than three times more juice than a website with a DA of 25.

Now not all links can come from high DA sites, but it is worth buying them if you can.

Available SEO Tip: Spend your time maintaining relationships with high ranking website owners in order to get some quality links.

10). The anchor text is essential, but should not be spam.

As you can see, Anchor’s text in 2018 is more an indication of the topic than a factor in qualifying the exact conditions. If I use the example ‘Best 2018 fat burner’ it would probably result in a warning and a small penalty against the site. If in the same sense I use only “fat burners” as anchors, we found that the juice of the website still is great.

Tip for SEO: Make sure to use more natural anchor text. Use hard anchor texts only for your best backlink opportunities

11). Social signs are becoming more and more essential

About 50% of our customers are active in social media, and about 50% are not. We have seen that people with more social signals respond better to our efforts to establish connections of the same quality and unit.

SEO Tip: Be active on at least three social media platforms and create an influential audience that actively shares your content.

SEO 2018 Summary :

We gave you 13 useful SEO tips that you can implement in 2018. If you need help with these tactics or would like to work with an SEO agency that genuinely understands what is happening in the industry, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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