Top 10 Major points for SEO Content Writing

We shared top reasons of website penalty according to a Google Panda algorithm. Our goal to inform every webmaster identifies the most common reason why websites are not getting ranking in Google search Engine. Google Panda 4.0 has impacted website ranking and traffic as well as revenue of business. Avoid the entire major common mistake from the websites to get ranking in Google search engine. Content is the major part of any website to get ranking in search engine and get penalty from search engine. Both are valid for website.

major point of content writing

We shared top 10 major point of content writing.

  1. Content should be Original and informative: Content should not share anywhere over internet excepted your website that is called original content. Content should increase the overall knowledge of visitor elsewhere common sense tips and general information. Informative content can assist the visitor to send lead. It may be possible to decrease the bounce rate of website. It is very helpful for the website ranking in a search engine result page.
  2. Content must have proper English, proper spelling with grammar: Proper English must be consistent to reduce visitor confusion. Content should be expressed in a natural way that allow for better understanding. It improves both the user experience and search engine and also encourage visitors to seek other pages of the website.
  3. Content must have proper Meaning sentence structure: In the English language, there are various word phrases whose meaning change depending on usage. You should avoid software for spinning content for web page.
  4. Content should be minimum 300 words in a web page: Content should be using more than 300 words because reduce confusion and well understanding. Number of content removes bounce rate of website and “Thin Content” parameter.
  5. The keyword density should not use more the 2 to 3 %: Keyword density is the major part of SEO On page activity. Keyword density should use 2% maximum according to Google Webmaster Guideline. If keyword density will use more than 2 to 3 % that is called keyword stuffing or keyword spamming. This is a black hat SEO technique. Avoid keyword staffing method for website promotion in Google search engine.
  6. The Keyword Proximity should not use more than 3 to 4 %: Keyword proximity should not use more than 3 to 4 % in whole page including title, Meta, heading, at as well as content. Keyword proximity is a way to use keyword in a different order such as web design services in India and website designing company in India. It can break the long tail keywords in two to three parts. It is a better option to increase the keyword density for the website according to webmaster guideline.
  7. Content must have proper Title and Heading: Title and heading are a very important part of the website according to promotion or according to user point of view. Content should proper heading and title in the content.
  8. Content Must have punctuation and capitalization: Content should proper use punctuation sign and capitalization.
  9. Content must be 100% exclusively owned by you: Duplicate content is part of rewriting content, spinning content, use software and many more processes. According to copyright low content must be 100% written by you or your content writer.
  10. Should use proper content: Content should be proper such a use proper image, video, PPT and PDF.


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