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Review: A Review is an evaluation of public feedback about product, services, company, events, entertainment and any things. Review is a type of Experience story about any product and services. You can know about weakness and strong. This is very important way to improve more publicity and generate more revenue. According to my opinion, Customers read review or product and services as well as company before purchase any product or services. In SEO point of view, review is a way to promote your business in search engine and local marketing place as well as local search engine. Review is main part of social media optimization and brand marketing. Reviews are categories in different category such as movie review, music review, book review, product review, services review, company review, hotel review, medical review and many more.

Review Posting Sites List

  1. Tripadvisor: Tripadvisor is a travel related website which offers user generated content for travel and hotels. Tripadvisor is free for user to insert review about any hotels, inn or restaurant B&B and travel agent. It is very popular website for review posting. Number of business is running from tripadvisor. According to SEO point of view, tripadvisor is the best website to promote business globally and locally.
  2. Holidayiq: HolidayIQ is an online tour travel discussion community and information base website powered by user generated content such as image, video and reviews. holidayIQ offer to every user can post review as a free of cost. HolidayIQ is number one website for user generates content for travel related site. Number of Travel Company are generating the revenue from holidayIQ.
  3. Mouthshut:
  4. Glassdoor:
  5. Yelp:
  6. Trustpilot:
  7. Google Plus:
  8. Yahoo Local listing:
  9. Consumeraffairs:


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