How to recover your website from EMD Penalty

Exact Matching Domain (EMD) is latest update of Google Search Engine those are effected local search result. There are various area which is depends on the EMD such as real estate, Mobile phones, and many more. There are numbers of real estate business depends on the EMD for example: any new real estate project will announced then number of real estate agent and brokerage firm buy and domain related to project name. Real estate business is very affected from EMD updates. According to my SEO experience, I am sharing how to recover your website from EMD penalty but it is not warranty to recover proper your website from EMD. You can try this method to recover your website from penalty.


Way to recover website from EMD Penalty

  1. Refresh website: first of all refresh your website content. You should remove old home page content and insert new content with original and high quality content according to Google webmaster guideline.
  2. Keyword density: A second major thing is keyword density. You should not use more than 2% keyword density. It is big issue of website, which is not rank in Google. You should avoid keyword spamming. You should use long tail keyword in your website for minimize the keyword density, avoid alt tag.
  3. Keyword Proximity: You should use below 4% keyword proximity. It is well for website health. It is basically use for over optimization. Over optimization is also major things EMP penalty. You should also avoid over optimization.
  4. Internal linking: to make strong internal linking via header, footer, contextual link. Website ranking is depends on the on page SEO. Internal linking is a main part of on page SEO after content optimization.
  5. Social bookmarking: social bookmarking is very strong method to publish and share your content. You should do social bookmarking for your website.
  6. Directory submission: I things avoid low quality directory submission process only do the high quality directory and high PR directory submission.
  7. Social media: social media is very important way to improve the website traffic and impression I things EMD penalty remove form website traffic and website impression so you force social media work.
  8. Link building: you should create high quality back link for establish ranking in search engine. It is very important factor in SEO and improve the page rank as well keyword rank in search engine

I hope you follow this way to recover your website from Google EMD penalty. If you have any suggestion regarding EMD Penalty please provide me via contact us.

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