List of One Way Link Building Strategies & Techniques

What is Link Building?

Link Building is a method to create link for a website that is called backlink, way to improve backlink that is called Link Building. If you started any online business, you want to get success in online business than link building is major role in success of online business. You need to improve the high quality link for your website to improve ranking in search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more. There are three type of link building such as one way Link building, two Way Link building (Reciprocal) and Three Way Link building. According to my point of view, One Way link building is very strong way to improve high quality link and get ranking in search engine. There are two type of link such as dofollow and nofollow.

Search engine optimization is the method to improve the ranking in search engine for your desired your keyword words and business name. Link Building is key element of getting high ranking in search engine and high page rank. Search engine optimization is divided into two parts such as ON Page and OFF page. Website takes ranking via ON Page SEO and stable ranking in search engine via OFF page. OFF page SEO is indicate to link building method. Link building is very important for online promotion. There are two main reasons of importance of link building such as

  1. Link helps to improve the website ranking as well as improve the indexing of website. it is main reason to improve the ranking in search engine. Google bots is also considering the high quality link for website.
  2. Link is also help to improve the referral traffic of website. Visitors are coming on your website from link that is best option to improve the traffic of website via link.

I have shared various ways to crease link which is mention below. This technique is organic SEO techniques. There are also various ways to create one way link that is called inorganic way such as buy link and spamming links. You should avoid inorganic techniques of link building for website health. You need to know about Google webmaster guideline and Google Algorithm because Google is updating algorithm. According to my opinion, you should create only organic link which has mention below.

One way link building method

One Way Link Building Strategies:

  1. Directory Submission: Directory Submission is very strong method to create high quality link via one way link building method. Number of directory offers reciprocal link building and some of offer one way link building. You should choose one way link building and free directory. You should avoid directory submission via software and tool. You need to do via manual directory submission that is better for your website.
  2. Articles Submission: Articles submission is one of the best content marketing techniques. You can create high quality link from article submission. You can add two links in signature. I have already mention above manual submission is beneficial for website health.
  3. Press Release Submission: Press release is type of official news about your products and services. It is also offering high quality links for website. You should submit press release to get link for website. It is also part of one way link building methods.
  4. Guest Post Submission: Guest posting is new and very strong method of content marketing. Guest post submission is like an article but guest post is not public. Guest post is offering high quality link for your website as well as relevant traffic.
  5. Blog Submission: Create internal and external Blog to improve the high quality link. It is best option to create numbers of link for website.
  6. Forums Discussion: Forum Discussion is also strong way to create high quality backlink via signature. You can put two-three links in signature. Some of the forums are offering nofollow signature links and some of dofollow.
  7. Business listing: Business listing sites are offering high quality backlink for website. you should add your website in business listing site with proper address and contact details.
  8. Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is very strong method to create dofollow link by easily. You should search dofollow blog commenting site and create links.
  9. Classified Submission: classified submission or posting is process to advertisement of website on website. You need to publish free advertisement on website.
  10. Video, Image, PPT, PDF Submission: this is best document submission. You can create link via video, image, PPT and PDF submission.

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