Top Reasons for Including Instagram Stories in Your Marketing & Brand Promotion Strategy

Instagram Stories help users in posting photos and videos to a specific album that would disappear after a day to be precise, after 24 hours. Many of you may be misled into believing that this is nothing extraordinary or somewhat unnecessary. However, for your information, Instagram Stories could prove to be quite fruitful for your business. If you incorporate this feature into your marketing stratagem, it could help in boosting target audience engagement, content, and visibility. Here are some of the prominent reasons why you must incorporate Stories into your small business marketing strategy.

In fact, Instagram has converted its linear chronological feed to the algorithmic-style feed. This implies that your feed would no longer comprise each and every post shared by all the users you are following in actually reverse chronological order. Instead, you feed would be displaying only those posts that have been identified by the algorithm to be your preferred ones as per factors such as likes and engagement. This update necessitated businesses to modify their Instagram marketing stratagem.

At the Forefront

The first and foremost reason for using Instagram Stories is simply because fabulous stories are not just the ways of boosting engagement among your followers. Instagram Stories are able to promote even the not so brilliant but average posts by publishing consistently and frequently thus encouraging followers to effectively engage by examining your specific Instagram business profile particularly for useful information and latest posts. Instagram Stories lets you go on posting frequently as an effective engagement strategy. The shift is from exclusively wow posting to frequent average posts. This enables the audience to always keep you in their minds.

Opt for Diversification of Your Strategy

It is essential to diversify effectively your content for keeping on grabbing the target audience’s attention and fulfill their numerous preferences. Another reason for trying out Stories is simply because it is a novel feature on a current platform. If you are already having an Instagram account and target audience, you could simply opt for diversification of content thanks to resources you seem to be having already. You may buy IG followers by contacting reputed services.

Utilize real-time Marketing

Instagram Stories help businesses by supporting effective use of real-time marketing that helps to reach your specific target audience at the right time. You can very well understand that posting live while an event or sale is taking place, could effectively encourage relatively more people to actually attend. Moreover, this could effectively connect all those people who could not be there on the spot, to stay connected with the proceedings.

Enjoy Fun Marketing

It just necessitates a few taps for posting images to the Instagram Stories; this saves you substantial time for social media marketing. You may focus more on experimenting as compared to the usual focus on literally perfecting your posts. You could take a welcome break from the usual planned and more detailed content. Instagram Stories come with a breath of fresh air. You could be having immense fun thanks to Instagram Stories.

Connect Effectively with the Target Audience

As your Story would be vanishing after 24 hours, it is of no use to dedicate too much time or energy on creating high-quality or professional-looking images. The pictures could be real, raw, and relevant to a specific moment. The main reason why businesses often use this sort of content is simply that it helps in humanizing your business and provides the transparency that lets your target audience to effectively connect with you much more intensely.

Boost Your Business Profile

If some content you have posted in your story really appeals to you, you can tap the options icon (three dots) on the bottom right and “share as post”. This will then become a regular Instagram post, complete with location, filter, and caption. This repurposing of content also is a great idea for testing content out on stories before actually launching it on the profile.

Keep Up Your Visibility

Instagram’s new algorithm does reduce the number of times the same content may appear on the feeds of your followers because Instagram arranges posts based on relevance and user interest. This is a great reason to use Stories because all stories appear right at the top with your icon and a colorful ring, thus allowing improved visibility with much less competition, always keeping you on the mind of your followers as well as any visitor to your profile.

Save plus Repurpose Content

The chief reason why many people avoid using Stories is that the photos and videos would be vanishing after 24 hours. But you could easily save videos and pictures from Instagram Stories manually. You may also consider setting Instagram to effectively save each and every story to automatically your camera roll. Now your videos and pictures are saved automatically and you get hold of some content for the future.

Improve Your Content

You could post photos to your Instagram Story that is decorated with emoji, drawings, and text. All these markup qualities help you in making your content far more attractive. You could even consider tagging others on Instagram Stories.

Maintain a Top Quality Business Profile

The videos and pictures that you normally publish on this popular social media platform get automatically saved to the profile provided you have not deleted them. The videos and photos you post to the Instagram Story would be vanishing after 24 hours. This could prove to be immensely beneficial as these videos and images from Stories enjoy contextual and real-time worthiness. You could enjoy the fruits of real-time marketing but you do not end up cluttering your profile.


Instagram Stories enjoy 300 million DAUs as per statistics recorded in November 2017. The stats reveal that the number has surely gone up from over 250 million DAUs, which was recorded in June. That amounts to an additional 50 million daily active users. The best thing is you could expect this rapid growth to carry on. Instagram Stories are supposed to add more flexibility and freedom to your Instagram marketing stratagem despite modifications in the consumer behavior and the platform. Instagram Stories provide you with immense opportunities to effectively interact with the Instagram audience in thrilling and novel ways, spreading awareness relating to partnerships and marketing initiatives and diverting your target audience toward important offers outside this popular social media platform.

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