How to Get 5000 Visitors Daily on Blog

There is various ways to get 5K traffic daily on your blog or website which is mention below via step by step. 5K traffic is well traffic estimate for blog earn much money via Google ads, Affiliate Marketing, PPC and many ways to earn money from blog. You need to work hard and concentrate your work. This is real Experience which am I shearing with you via blog. You should follow or if you have any new idea to improve the traffic please share your idea with me via contact us page or comment. To generate 5000 visitor in a single day it is not easy task and also not difficult task.

5000 Visitors Daily

Way of Improve Traffic on Your Blog:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Optimization
  3. Local Marketing
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Virtual Advertisement

According to my opinion, all the five important way mention above which is needed to understand how work all the phases. I will also discuss about all the point and which is the more effected way to improve the traffic easily without any investment.

Search engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is one the best way to improve the traffic. There two important ways in SEO first is on page and other is off page.

  1. Share high quality with original content on your blog with 500 -1000 words (single post)
  2. Frequently update on your blogs (2-3 times in a day)
  3. Proper website structure (best design as well as font size)
  4. Use proper Image and Video in blog (use 3-4 images per post)
  5. Do Proper on page (Follow all the On page points)
  6. Add social sharing button & related content (sharing and internal linking)
  7. Create high quality Back links (to improve the position in search engine)
  8. Social Bookmarking, Articles, Guest Post, Forums & Directory (Same here)

Social Media Optimization:

Social media optimization is another best way to improve the traffic on blog. You can improve the referral traffic from social media site such as facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pintrest, Lindekin and many more.

  1. Improve fan page likes (More than 10K)
  2. Frequently updates (5-10 in a day)
  3. Share Quality and impressive content on Social sites

Local Marketing:

Local marketing is also best way to generate more traffic to add your website in local listing website and review posting site as well as business listing sites. It is also a part of off page SEO. You can create high quality back links. Actually local marketing is best beneficial for services and product industry. If you are selling services or product then you need to do this work. You should to do this work to improve the referral traffic wit links.

Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing is part of paid marketing. It is also a part of improve the traffic of website via display advertisement and pay per click. You should follow display advertisement not pay per click. Display advertisement is best part to improve the traffic with make brand in market. PPC is not beneficial for blog.

Virtual Advertisement:

Virtual advertisement is very expensive advertisement. It is most effective way to make brand in the market via broadcasting advertisement, advertising on news paper and banner advertisement on board.


Search engine optimization is one of the highly effective methods to improve the traffic without any investment. It is also best for blog promotion. You can easily generate the 5K traffic via SEO. You should do only white hat SEO, should not follow the black hat SEO. It is harm for your website traffic and ranking. After SEO you can follow SMO to improve the referral traffic on your blog.

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