How to Create high Quality Backlinks for Website

What is BackLinks?

An anchor text denoted your website or a link forward to your website that is backlink. You can say that backlinks are inbound links to a website. In the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the backlink is very important role in the search engine ranking and traffic of your website. Number of backlinks means the popularity or importance of a website is very high. A backlink is process to receive any link from another website. Google PageRank is calculated the backlinks to provide the PageRank for your website or web page. According to PageRank know about the standard of website and also performance of website. Google spam team head Mattcutt is said backlinks is very important for a website ranking and indexing. Search engine calculate website backlink to provide the ranking.

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How to Create Backlinks?

Many process to create back links for a website like

  1. Articles submission: – Articles submission is best process to increate the backlinks a website. It is also help for the popularity and making a branding in the market. Article submission sites offers high quality backlinks as well as  referral traffic for the website. Get one or two backlinks from an article submit.  A link add in the resource box of articles not add a link in the body.  For Example –,
  2. Press Release Submission: – Press Release submission is very important way to create a backlinks for website. Press release submission is process to generate a back link and make a brand in the market. Submit the contact details in the below of press release then use website in the contact details. Press release sites offers single back link from the single press release. there are two type of press release sites first is free press release and other is paid press release sites. paid press release sites offers press release distribution services. For example –,
  3. Blog Submission: – blog is official information about company, products, services, events, any things regarding company. There are two type of blog, one is in-house blog and other is free blog hosting sites. In house blog example: or I have already shared free blog hosting sites. It helps to improve the high quality backlink as well as referral traffic. You should need to publish blog on your website and free blog hosting sites. See: Free Blogger Templates and Free WordPress Themes For Blogs
  4. Forums Submission: – Forum posting is very popular and impressive way to create high quality backlinks for website. Forum is type of community which offers high quality backlink as well as information regarding your work area. You should participate in discussion forums to resolve your problem regarding your business. This is single method to do one things and to get two benefits, first get high quality backlinks and second is knowledge. You should need forum posting to boost ranking in search engine.
  5. Guest post Submission:-it is another very important method to create high quality backlinks for website. Google has already announced low quality guest post harm for website ranking; you should avoid low quality guest post. It is also strong way to improve referral traffic from guest post. Number of guest post websites offers No-follow signature link. Contextual link is very strong link for website. I thing, you should create contextual link for your website from guest post.
  6. PPT submission: Powerpoint presentation (PPT) is very popular method to boost traffic of website. It helps to create high quality backlinks for website so you need to create high quality PPT and submit in PPT site which offers a single link as well as contact details.
  7. Social Bookmarking: it is very effective method to create high quality instant backlink as well as instant indexing. Social bookmarking is only one way to generate maximum referral traffic on website. Google has already announced regarding social bookmarking in link schemes, low quality social bookmarking is harm for website ranking. You should avoid low quality social bookmarking sites. You should also avoid no-follow social bookmarking sites because no-follow social bookmarking sites are generating automatic link for your website so that it is very harm for website ranking.
  8. Video Submission
  9. Image Submission
  10. Classified
  11. Social Networking
  12. Commenting
  13. Answering
  14. Discussing
  15. one Way Link Building
  16. Two way Link Building
  17. Three way Link Building

Benefits of Backlinks

  1. Increase website Ranking
  2. Increase website traffic
  3. Increase website indexing
  4. Increase website popularity
  5. Increase website PageRank

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