Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals

The internet has made the globe as one place, one human race. Period. Gone were the days in India, when after getting a degree, people scurried for jobs. Now, everyone wants to become an entrepreneur. If you have the talent and the zeal to succeed, success is not far. This is the new trend. Since Facebook made an entry as a social media platform, the stage is set for many more jobs that were not existent in the 1990s. And if we have to focus on a career that has become the darling of the masses in terms of the pay scale and the best front for businesses to make a killing, it is SEO or search engine optimization.

Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals & SEO Analyst

The concept is new, just introduced before two decades, but at present, it has created millions of jobs in every industry you can lay the bet on. Today, with E-commerce becoming the preferred option for businesses as well as customers to make worthy interaction and purchases, every company has to fight tooth-and-nail to get attention in the search engine results. Let it be Google, Bing, Yahoo or some other search tools. SEO is here to say, although AdWords and online ads have reduced its power in recent times.

How does the business world describe an SEO professional?

He/ she is best described as one who has good knowledge of algorithms that are necessary for getting the best search engine results. He/she can help their companies gain better exposure to the public during the search.

In the initial stages, many SEO professionals remained connected only with their own industries, companies and web pages. But look at the leap in recent times. SEO has become a vital part of digital marketing strategy. During the progression in career, an SEO professional can gain valuable skills from certifications and be attending classes. They can then earn salaries according to the job role and company. Usually, recruiting companies expect them to possess skills in writing, research, data analytics, web content, link building, HTML and competitor analysis. The most important is research on keywords. They should also get familiar with other tools such as Moz and Raven.

Future Scope of SEO Professional

In recent times, SEO professionals find themselves in the thick of digital marketing campaigns. Every company wants to make its service/product reach the most number of specific customers.

Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals & SEO Analyst

The stage and the job roles in the future of a SEO professional is set for tremendous growth. We have researched the internet and prepared a set of seven roles that augur well for SEO specialists on the horizon.

1). Search Engine Marketing

It is not only the last word that is different between SEO and SEM,  there are a entire lot of other factors. SEM is a very broad part and can cover SEO. Usually, when a SEO guy moves to SEM, he/she has to gain knowledge about PPC or Pay Per Click marketing, customer relationship management, advertising etc. You have to work in contact with customers and also search engines. But the salary of a SEM is more. The method to become one – gain mastery over Bing Adwords, Google AdWords and other analytic tools.

Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals & SEO Analyst

2). Business Marketing Consultant

In SEO, you work as part of a small team and big team. Usually the co-ordinating professionals are well-known to you. But in business marketing consultant, you have to perform multiple duties such as a public speaker, marketing consultant and professional business advisor. And this position requires intensive experience. You should demonstrate previous experience of achieving profits in your earlier company or own business. Strategy is the key focus in this job description. If you have bountiful energy and drive-to-the-hilt to boot, this is the job for you to graduate from a SEO.

Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals & SEO Analyst

3). Digital Marketer

The transition will be easy. Really. From a SEO specialist to a digital marketer. You just need to broaden the skills. But in this job, you have to maintain every online marketing part such as SEM, social media and PPC. The work pressure may be immense. You have to create marketing strategy, plan the content, utilize social media, gain skills in analytics and management of data. You also need to keep yourself updated by attending certifications in communications, web marketing and strategic marketing.

Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals & SEO Analyst

4). Marketing Analysts

When the word is analysis, then it means large amount of data. You may be familiar with the job, but the job involves using numbers to track the performance of investment, ROI, check the opportunity for new investments and predict the outcome of marketing campaigns. You can get certified for the future in market research, business analysis and strategy.

Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals & SEO Analyst

5). Content Marketing

A natural step for SEO professionals, but writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are interested in words, the job is easy for you. You need to work with SEO skills to write the content. And the word content means various dimensions – videos, reports, graphics, blogs and web content.

Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals & SEO Analyst

6). SEO Manager

Search engine optimization is not a joke. In a large corporation, the team consists of data managers, analysts, content strategists, SEO specialists and many more. The challenge lies in making the team perform to achieve the goal. If you are a person with good knowledge of SEO and a tendency to mix with people, bingo! This is the job for you. Yes, you need to possess good skills at formatting and data.

Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals & SEO Analyst

7). Entrepreneur

In recent times, becoming an entrepreneur has become the trend. Work in a job for ten years, gain experience, build the followers on social media and open a company of your own. However, if you want to work as a freelancer, the sky is the limit. Let us imagine, your friend is trained professional for microwave service in Pune. He has ten years of experience and has a loyal customer base. You have 15 years of SEO professional experience. You arrive at a conclusion to start a business together. You design a website by which the customers can make a call and book the service of your friend. You use the SEO skills to make the website come to the top by white hat SEO methods. Then being smart, you opt to join as a vendor in one of the best doorstep repair service companies in Pune. You start to mint money via this business.

Future Career Scope of SEO Professionals & SEO Analyst


Be it an SEO or any other job, all you need to be happy and become successful is to have passion and earnest for knowledge. With these two traits, you can become a leader in any field.

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