Why Dedicated Server is the Best Hosting Choice?

Business owners consider the benefits that they get from the various hosting platforms before they sign up with a hosting provider. They want their website to be on the top and to reach there they need to create a lasting first impression among the visitors and customers. They have to be available all the time and be in a position to manage high traffic inflow at peak times. They have to choose a dedicated server for their websites which offers far more benefits than what a business gets from the other forms of hosting.

How does it work?

Dedicated server has a single individual or organization taking an entire server for their individual use. The user is allowed to host multiple websites. It takes away the feature of sharing the server that we experience in the shared and VPS platforms. Being the lone user, the customers pay a far heftier price for the server which otherwise is split among the numerous users in the other two hosting platforms.

Who requires dedicated server?

Your business operations are confidential and mission critical like banking and financial institutions where customers are required to part with their personal and financial information and any leakage can be harmful for them.

Frequent server crashes can ruin a websites performance. You need to be available for your visitors round the clock. E-commerce sites, news portals and gaming servers for example cannot afford to be offline as they have regular flow of visitors and customers

Beneficial features of dedicated hosting

Complete control:

Dedicated server gives the customers complete control over the servers. All the resources are for their exclusive use. They have the liberty to install any software they want without waiting for the host’s consent. The clients can also choose the hardware they want to be deployed. This feature is not possible in shared hosting.

Improved security:

The security steps taken are more stringent and minimize the possibilities of any cyber-attacks in dedicated hosting. Since shared hosting has many websites threats of virus and malware attacks are more. Dedicated hosting customers are provided with unique IP address that is not shared with others, giving the users more privacy and security. Shared hosting clients are given a single common IP address and any wrong activities by one customer can result in all the sites getting blacklisted.

Higher reliability and scalability opportunities:

In dedicated hosting you are the sole user of the resources. This means all the resources are available to you alone and you will never have to worry about the shortage of resources. This ensures your site has the maximum up-time. A new business may not have problems of space and other resources but it could become a little worrisome as the business improves and generates more traffic. With a dedicated server, businesses can scale up their requirements and request for additional resources to the provider and avoid any traffic congestion that could lead to server crashes.

Better performance:

Since there is no sharing involved, the customers will never face dearth of resources assuring that the website will have a seamless performance. The hosts normally provide good quality hardware infrastructure from reputed brands that can withstand high pressures. Speed is crucial for businesses. Slow servers not only face frequent crashes but also make the purpose of the website meaningless when visitors just drift away from your site. Such risks are eliminated with a dedicated server.

There has been a misconception and fear among many businesses that dedicated servers are very expensive and they may not be able to afford the high costs. No doubt they are expensive when you compare the charges with a shared server or VPS servers but the features and facilities that they offer makes them a cost-effective platform.  Performance of your website is far better with a dedicated server in comparison to shared hosting.

You can easily find a number of hosting providers that offer the dedicated servers at very low costs. It makes an ideal solution for businesses with limited budget. The assumption that cheap dedicated server hosting means sacrificing the quality of service is wrong. There are many providers who offer high-quality infrastructure and extend 24 x 7 x 365 days dedicated customer support that are available to assist you with any server-related issues.

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