Difference between Crawling and Indexing

There are a plenty of terms associated with SEO world, few of them seems synonyms but their actual meaning is quite different. One perfect example is the incorrect use of terms Crawling and Indexing. In many articles published online, both terms are used alternatively, but this is not right. Here, we will see the difference between Crawling and Indexing in digital market space.

Difference between Crawling & Indexing include Topics:

  • What is crawling?
  • What is Indexing?
  • How to know what is indexed by the Google?
  • How does Google decide on page index results? 

What is crawling?

This is a popular term used with Google or any search engine when it reads the web page. If a page is crawled by the Google then it does not specify that page has been indexed. There may be a plenty of reasons for crawling, one of the most popular reasons are XML sitemap. This is the first step performed by Google that includes page recognition. If a page is crawled then this is not necessary that it will be shown in the search results.

 What Does Being Crawl Mean?

 What Does Being Crawl Mean?

The main objective of Sitemap on any website is giving a roadmap to search engine to find the new content. The other way Google will crawl your content if it is posted on your Google Plus account. The purpose of crawling is to check every New content posted on the web and have a close eye on the same if there is something to offer to the internet. SO, taking both SEO terms same is a bad idea and you need to understand that minor difference to become a pro in the digital space.

What is Indexing?

Page indexing is the next step performed by the Google, once crawling is complete. Not every crawled web page is indexed but every indexed web page was crawled earlier. If any page was found worth during crawling then it will be indexed in the search results. You can also check the Index status too as shown below in the diagram.

 What Does Being Indexed Mean?

 What Does Being Indexed Mean?

There are a few rules for Page indexing like what are the keywords, what is the ranking of each keyword, quality of content posted on the web page etc. Thus, there are a plenty of factors that work together to make up your business of SEO.

Google Follow Crawling and Indexing Processes

  • First of all, every web page is scheduled for crawling by the Google Bot.
  • Once it is crawled, Google bot will sit back and it will be tested on various parameters by Google.
  • IF the web page is found worth then it will be indexed in Google search results otherwise it will be lost and you need to work over it again.

Important Factors For Indexing

The next important thing to focus on is external links. If there are more external links then this would be easier to calculate the rank of your web page and its importance. This is the reason why SEO professional charge a good amount to make your page more accessible by external links.

How To Check What Web Page Google Has Indexed?

Your web pages are being crawled by the Google, now you want to index all of them anyhow. So, how would you know what Google has indexed and how to increase the total count for indexed web pages. The best idea is to browse Google site first then choose the ‘’Advanced Search’ option from Settings.

Now put in your website in the search box and Hit on the Search button. Here, you will get the complete details, what is indexed by the Google including content, each image, videos etc. This is the two-way communication technique that gives detailed information of your website and you can make changes to improve the results even better.

How does Google decide On-Page index results?

This is the real question that everybody asks either he is an SEO professional or he is the site owner. If you know how to improve the index result then your website can be ranked on the first page of Google soon.

Ultimately, based on research and our experiences, Google indexes fresh content that he considers important from the user point of view. If you will use Duplicate content then Google will not index your web page, but you will be penalized for posting wrong information on the web or misguiding Google.

This is always better to work on your web page wisely and make everything relevant and unique to get noticed by Google and make your web page ranking higher like never before. So, Google indexing is no more a magic now but this is the result of hard work and dedication of your SEO team. The more indexed web pages within your website, the better experiences for the SEO team.


I hope now you must have understood what are SEO and the two basic terms Crawling and Indexing too. We have just surfaced the ground thoughts what is liked by the Google and how to effectively leverage the SEO. Based on the nature of your business, there are multiple ideas how can you make your website ranked or indexed in Google search. If you wanted to target a specific location, then you should choose ‘Local SEO’ option. But if you are into online training then location could not be so much important for you and you are free to focus on other things.

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