Benefits and Drawbacks of Pre-Built and Custom-Built WordPress Themes

For businesses looking forward to develop their website using a Content Management System, WordPress has become the most preferred choice. This is because WordPress has the reputation of holding maximum CMS market share compared to other content management system platforms. A number of themes and plug-ins are available on the web that helps in creating an impressive WordPress website comprised of rich features.

With the competition in web has been growing than ever before, simply installing themes and plug-in will not give your website a competitive advantage in the industry. Therefore it is highly recommended that you create a unique online identity for yourself by creating a custom-built WordPress themes rather than just creating an attractive and functional website using pre-built WordPress themes. One of the greatest drawbacks of pre-built WordPress themes is that you might find yourself in a position where your pre-built WordPress theme would be currently used by another company much before you opted for it.

Moreover most of the website visitors nowadays abandon the website at the earliest if they do not find anything unique in a website even though a readymade website could save lot of time and money that are associated with setting up a website. With the assistance of a free WordPress theme, smaller and medium businesses could easily setup a website without even spending any money.

Let’s go through the detailed list of advantages as well as disadvantages of pre-built WordPress themes and custom-built WordPress themes.

Pre-Built WordPress Themes

These are the ones that are designed and developed by the theme developers and it is easily made available online. Users can choose from both free as well as premium WordPress themes from official WordPress theme directory.


Affordable – One among the biggest benefits of a pre-built template is its affordability as smaller businesses do not have to spend their money for investing in a website. At the same time, if you are ready to spend a small amount, then you could go for the premium option that provides you the template of your choice that matches your niche at a very reasonable price itself.

Reduces Time Consumption – You only require a few minutes for getting your website up and running with the help of pre-built WordPress theme. The only time you will have to spend would be in finding the appropriate design template from the WordPress theme directory that meets your brand expectations. It also avoids the need for future customizations of your website as the premium pre-built templates are designed according to the latest trends.


Presence of faulty code – This is one biggest drawback of pre-built design template. More such issues are visible on free design templates. Even paid design templates also features faulty codes at times.

Could Prove Expensive – The lack of a required support from the theme provider could prove to be costly in the long term for your website as you might be in a position to spend more in making the changes to your theme if no proper support comes from the WordPress theme provider.

Custom WordPress Theme

A custom WordPress theme as the name suggests would be built specifically to satisfy your business and website requirements. It is the best approach if you desire to have a website that looks unique. It helps in making your business to look much more competitive compared to other competitors you might have in the industry.


Uniqueness – Unique design and performance is assured with custom WordPress themes. A custom designed layout would offer a distinct and exceptional experience for the website visitors that will help give an edge for your website in the ever-growing competitive market.

Enhanced Control – You will have enhanced control over modifying the layout whenever required compared to pre-built design templates that restricts you from making any modifications as per your requirements. You could simply add or remove images as well as buttons from your website whenever required in Custom WordPress Themes.


Expensive – Going ahead with a custom WordPress theme is an expensive process as it can make you spend a lot of money especially if you want to create a custom template from the scratch. However investment is essential for strengthening the online presence of your brand. Therefore it is inevitable for businesses to plan ahead about the investments they require in creating a custom WordPress theme and whether they would get good return on investment in the long run or not.

Updates – The updates in a pre-built design templates are often performed by the support team of WordPress theme developers where as in a custom WordPress theme, you will have to update the custom design on your own.


All the above mentioned pros and cons of both pre-built and custom-built WordPress themes has to be taken in to consideration before making an informed decision about whether to choose a pre-built WordPress theme or Custom WordPress theme for your website.

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