SEO When You’re Poor: the Guide to Free Seo Tools Online

When you start SEO, it’s difficult to compete on a level playing field against competitors or consultants who have the armada of SEO tools in full access. Yet being a little clever, we can have valuable data that can save time or refine its strategy. I will not speak here free versions of tools pro that I already mentioned (Ranxplorer, Ahref, Semrush etc …). Here are the various free SEO tools that I use (still) every day:

 SEO Audit And Diagnostic Tool

Essential to have an overview of the site in question, even if some data can be inaccurate, you will at least have the answer to what type of site you have to do: backlinks, performance, popularity, the structure on site etc .

  • Free duplicate content detection tools
  • Web performance calculation tools
  • Free tools for traffic evaluation
  • Domain Authority Assessment Tool
  • Free Backlinks Analysis Tools
  • Keyword research tool for your SEO


An old, good the number of analyzes is very limited but the tool gives a general score mixing the different SEO criteria to identify possible improvement points.

Article spinner tool

Free article spinbot

If you do not absolutely control the Spin, this tool can generate variations automatically from a basic text without taking the lead. Not the same precision as the previous but allows you to put the foot in the stirrup when one is interested in this subject.

Keyword Research Tool For Your SEO

If you are too lazy to have a Google Adwords account to access the sacrosanct Keyword finder on which the whole world is going, I advise you to refer to these solutions:

Keyword Finder

Probably one of the best alternatives, because the tool displays the suggestions by classifying them by volume as some paid tools! For this it simply plugs into the Google API. It also offers the functionality of “related questions”, very interesting to better calibrate your content.

Answer the public

Well, we do not present it anymore, but if you do not know this tool, put it right away in your favorites! In addition to finding all the long-tail queries (or almost), it displays all related questions and prepositions in beautiful graphics. A must.

Infinite suggest

We go there on the very long train, you can mix and multiply the queries that appear in a table of data and export everything in one click! In the same genre, there is a Keyword shitter that Walid had presented.

Seo Hero

Since we are talking about Walid, we could not ignore the tool that made him win the SEO hero contest. It uses the semantics of the best results to suggest your content. Now you have to get all that.

Free Backlinks Analysis Tools

We enter the nerve of war: the sacrosanct ground of links! Well, I’m not going to lie to you any free tool that I know is not good enough to compete with the big tools, but they will give you the signal of the link profile without any problem.


Very useful to have a quick overview of the site studied. The tool uses the Ahrefs data, a free account allows to have a little more data. Basically, you have the 100 main links.


For me, the best in the market. Long remained completely free, it is now limited to a few uses but it has a lot of filters to identify categories of backlinks on the one hand, and we note a cool info and a large number of backlinks found that they have nothing to envy to some paid link analysis tools. To try absolutely.


A kind of “bulk backlinks finder”, which spits you the first 1000 BL he finds. Sometimes allows seeing links that other tools have difficulty to detect (free).

Domain Authority Assessment Tool

How do I know if an NDD weighs heavily with Google? If we can not a priori, some tools nevertheless allow having trends. They are too important to my taste, it’s just one of many criteria, so you have to take that data as such.

Majestic SEO

A classic, is it still useful to present it, frankly? If access is restricted you can use chrome extension or out refs to quickly have an eye on the estimated authority of a site. As a reminder, the basis of this tool is your proximity to linking with “recognized” big authority sites

Moz authority

Another classic US version of the famous eponymous site, if the tool is interesting for large sites or international sites, as soon as it touches smaller sites and other languages, the tool is quickly on the street.

Free Tools For Traffic Evaluation

The free versions of Semrush or Ahrefs allow having an idea on the traffic but nothing conclusive, just trends. Although it is very difficult to estimate (RIP google trends for website), here are the 3 tools that, in my multiple uses, come closest to reality.


Although its pro version offers more possibilities, this tool is powerful enough to have the number of monthly visitors with the bonus “mapping” of their provenance.


Based on the extrapolation of Alexa’s ranking, Mustat is quite reliable, although it often overestimates the real traffic.

Web Performance Calculation Tools

Having a site that boosts, especially in the mobile age, has become a pre-requisite. Between the AMP, the mobile-friendly, web and all the trimmings, Google sends us the signals to have a fast site. So here’s what to scan everything>


A must year after year, it will tell you if your CSS are many, if your .js are rotten and if your images are optimized with the feet, after you do it eh, do not mess either.

Speed Insight Page (Google)

If we listen to this tool, even in html 1, it is able to say that our site can be even better optimized. On the other hand, the advice is always good to take.


An old man of old, but do not trust his archaic design, this tool has become a reference since it is used by Google for its tests of web performance!

Free Duplicate Content Detection Tools

Very useful to spot the little guys who pump your content. This can be detrimental especially if the copier has a greater authority than yours. Even if they are not worth good paid tools, these tools have already been proven:


Dedicated to detecting offsite duplicate content, the duplicate text is highlighted. The tool has the merit of being fast if not ultra-precise.

Liner website

A specialized tool in the duplicate content Onsite which can completely dilute the semantic signal of the site in question. The tool is top and delivers a precise report with the similarity rate between pages

All these are my all time favorite tools and I use them every day to analyze websites. Which one do you like?

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