Tips to Improve Real Estate Website Design and Bring in More Conversions

With more and more people using Internet for home search, the importance of real estate websites has increased like never before! Keeping your website up-to-date and well-tuned is one of the best ways how you can increase the number of visitors.

Nevertheless, as a real estate consultant, you must be feeling an abundant dread whenever you try to update your website. This post has come up with some of the best ideas to perk up your website design.

Understand your target audience

Understanding your audience is one of the most effective ways how you can add more value to your profile. Once you are aware of the main lookout of your viewers, you will not only be able to boost up the conversion rate, but will also steer towards huge profit.  For example, people interested for investment in Pune are likely to hold their interest on something that would serve their purpose the best. So, as a real estate advisor, you should design your website in such a way that appeals to the visitors aesthetically.

Make the site mobile-friendly and give the home buyers a frictionless experience

Do you really think, the home buyers will still be interested in your real estate website even after they find a pool of unnecessary barriers to experience on the page? They will certainly not! As for an instance, undue scrolling and abundant links will not only create additional rasping, but can also distract the visitors to a bad extent. So, when you want to promote your real estate business, keep all the crucial details on the very top page and make the website as mobile-friendly as you can. Also, if you want them to contact you, create an easy call button at the header itself. Don’t make them spool so much; or, they may leave the site!

Keep the home seekers engaged

By compelling the home buyers to come and visit your site again and again, you can actually take your marketing endeavor a step forward. However, the best way you can do this is by creating a brand awareness.  The more you keep them engaged, the greater is the chance for you to make more business. For example, people in search of flats for sale in Pune will always be eager to retort to the call to action. In this way, you can also have their contact details to your conferral and use the same for future marketing campaigns. Also, use as many videos, images and slides as you can to present the properties.

Doing less can help you earn more profit

There are many people who have such notion that the more descriptive the site is, the more profitable will be their business. However, people rendering such fallacy are absolutely wrong. The mobile phone users hardly have the time or patience to go through every nitty-gritty of the page. Generally, they bump into the site for a reason or two and the moment they get their answer, they browse through other pages. While some of them visit real estate websites to get a general overview of the properties they are looking for, the others might look for specific details to contact you, or some might be in search of few particular businesses. So, whatever may be the reason, distracting them with an elongated description would be nothing but an utter stupidity on your part. So, as a busy entrepreneur, you are always suggested to use short as well as crisp contents and hold the patience of the home buyers.

Opt for responsive real estate website

Whether you have opened a new venture or you have been running the firm for years, having a responsive website is kinda must have for every real estate advisor. With a proven survey stating that around 5% to 15% traffic comes from the smartphones, you might have understood the significance of mobile websites by now. At the same time, with the growing prospect of digital landscape and with the increasing demand for good traffic in the business websites, responsive website has not only proved to be a good marketing strategy, but has also put the whole world in storm. People looking for investment in Pune are not always likely to surf the Internet through desktop or laptop. Thus, the importance of responsive website is always on the peak.

Avoid slow landing pages

Slow loading pages are always a threat to every business and real estate websites are also not an exception.  Once you fill the page with unnecessary information, the greater is the chance for slow loading. Research have shown that pages that take more than 5 seconds to load happen to distract the viewers to a significant extent. For instance, people looking for flats for sale in Pune are never likely to stay on a page that takes a hell lot of time to cram up. They will, quite naturally, feel like surfing the next option the moment they will render a bad impression about your company.

Have a separate page for blogs

Once you are done with all the necessary aspects, it’s time for you to open a separate page for blogging. People seeking new apartments and flats are always keen to know about new things related to their requirements and the best way to sustain their interest is by having a discreet page that would discuss about the fresh topics in news. It will not only grasp the viewers’ attention, but will also enhance the traffic on the page. Simultaneously, you also need to update the page regularly, as a page full of stale contents actually makes no sense.

To conclude, there is a surplus of effective ways how you can make your real estate website stand apart from its competitors. So, if you want your site to get a sturdy hit, you need to develop your site on a frequent basis. Apart from boosting up the conversion rate, it will also get you an unexpected return.

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