How to Use Google Disavow Tool to block unnatural Backlinks

Nowadays unnatural links are very dangerous for website ranking. Unnatural links are the main part of a manual penalty by Google. You must be removing the unnatural links from your website. How to block unnatural backlinks for your website that is bigger questions? I have all ready how to check unnatural links. You must be finding the unnatural links and block.

Unnatural Link Checker tools

Backlinks Checker tools

The Google disavow tool is the single tool to block unnatural links and save your website from Google penalty. If you have gotten a penalty from Google, you need also follow these steps to recover your website from Google penalty. The Google Disavow tool is one of the most important tools for block unnatural backlinks for a website. How to use Disavow tool? I have mentioned below to use of Disavow tool, you must follow all the steps to proper use of Disavow tool.

How to Use Google Disavow tools:

  1. Make a excel sheet of unnatural backlinks
  2. Login Google webmaster tools with Google account
  3. Choose website from webmaster dashboard
  4. Click this links to open disavow tools
  5. Choose sites and click disavow links
  6. Choose file.

Unnatural Backlinks are links which is manipulate website ranking and PageRank of web pages. That link may be considered under unnatural links. When are you building a links purpose to improve your website ranking and PageRank, which is placed in the content and not editorial by website owner? You can say that links don’t match your website categories that Links is also unnatural links. Unrelated contextual links are also an unnatural links. Most of websites have got a penalty because of contextual link under unnatural links.

How to block Low quality links

According to Mattcutt, webmasters are building a links by publishing guest post and article marketing with low quality content and duplicate content. Large number of articles or guest posting sites is offering article submission or article submission where they are writing same article and producing multiple copies of it and submits different article sites.

Plagiarism Checker tools

You should use Plagiarism checker tools before publishing any content on article or guest blog marketing sites. Duplicate content is another main part of website to penalty. You should avoid the duplicate content and spinner tools to publish on your website or another website as article marketing.

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