How to Submit XML Sitemap in Webmaster

What is XML Sitemap? An XML Sitemap is a file that helps search engine better recognizes your website while crawling. Sitemap is a web Page which is provides the total website links for better understand for user and search engine. Basically XML sitemap is uses for search engine and html sitemap (According to website extension) is uses for user point of view. Both sitemap helps to increase the website performance and website visibility.

XML sitemap

How to create XML Sitemap?

XML is programming language so it is very difficult for write the code of XML for the webmaster. I will recognize the online tool for create sitemap within second. We are recommending for create the xml sitemap easily. You should this tool and create sitemap. Most of search engine is also recommending this website for create xml sitemap from this tool. If you use this tool for sitemap creation then you should follow the three steps:

  1. Insert The website URL in Starting URL
  2. Change the Frequency: I recognize you should select daily that is better.
  3. Last Modification: You should select Use server’s response
  4. Priority: you should select automatically calculate priority
  5. Last click on start button than download the XML sitemap and upload file in your web server via FTP.

How to submit XML Sitemap in Webmaster?

There are various steps follow to submit xml sitemap in webmaster

  1. Login in your webmaster (
  2. Click on left side Crawl Tab
  3. Click on sitemap tab
  4. Click on right side ADD/TEST SITEMAP button
  5. Write the XML sitemap file name with extension (sitemap.xml)
  6. Click on submit sitemap button
  7. Click on refresh link

You sitemap has been submitted in the Google webmaster tool.

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