Free SEO Audit Report Sample & SEO audit Checklist Template

SEO Audit is a way to analyze website according to user and search engine. You should build your website according to user friendly as well as search engine friendly because for better ranking. You need to analysis website after development and designing. You should analysis all the points which is included in website such as header part, footer part, body part, coding part, designing part, developing part and SEO part. There are major three part of SEO audit such as ABC (A=Architecture, B=Backlinks, C=Content). There are a number of webmasters promoting a website without SEO audit. They can’t get success in the website promotion. You need to audit your website according to SEO point of view before promotion. You can say that website analysis is called SEO audit.

SEO audit is very important part of web promotion you need to create an SEO audit report by manual. You should avoid tool of software which provide an SEO audit report because that SEO audit report doesn’t proper right. You can easily build the feature work plant for that website if you have the proper SEO audit report.

There is three major part of SEO audit which has mentioned above but need to describe.

Architecture: This is very important part of SEO audit. You need for proper analysis your website according to design and structure. You can say that this is a basic fundamental of SEO audit. According to my opinion, bounce rate & conversion of website id depends on the architecture design of website. You need to do fresh design according to user point of view. Google has also mentioned the guideline of website designing. You should design footer, header, navigation, related product, body, content, style, content font, image, video, audio and many more web content. This is the first impression of a website. Some persons said “first impression should be best for business”. Website color combination is also more important in designing; you should use the best color combination in your website according to use point of view. You should avoid dark color.

Backlinks: A backlink is one of the very effective methods to optimized website in search engine. You should build high quality links to get better position in search engine. There are various ways to build quality links such as Article, Press release, Blog, Classified, Directory, Guest post, image, video, PPT, PDF and many more. I have already listed off page techniques and one way link building methods. You should read that post for better knowledge about link building.Off page techniques is a natural way of link building. You should avoid all unnatural ways of link building because unnatural link may be harmful for website health. You should analysis website backlink properly for better SEO audit report. You can mention backlink reports in the SEO audit report. There are various tools to check backlink of website which has already mentioned previous post. I am going to share important backlink checker tools below. You can easily audit your website backlink and links also.

Content: Content is another major part of the website. Content optimization is a very important factor of SEO audit. According to my opinion, website ranking depends on the content of the website. You should publish original with high quality content on a website. I am going to share the major parameter of content such as original, no grammar mistake, meaning full and bulk content. You should publish more than 500 words on each page to better ranking. I have already listed content parameter according to search engine; you should read that post for better content optimization and better ranking in search engine. Content Optimization is under on page SEO. You should follow all On-page Techniques to promote a website in search engine. I have listed lots of on-page techniques below for audit website according to SEO point of view.

SEO On page: You need to audit website according to On-page SEO. You should follow all the audit techniques such as URL Structure Audit, Code error audit, Meta data Audit, website Page audit and many more.

  • Audit your website Domain name according to your business. You should choose short domain name.
  • Audit you HTML, CSS and JavaScript Code error (W3C Validation). Check error code and resolve immediately for better ranking.
  • Audit Website URL. You should build SEO friendly URL for example:
  • Audit website Title, Meta Description, Keyword. You should use proper Meta title and description for better ranking.
  • Audit another Meta data such as pagination, canonical, GEO tag, author tag, robots tag and many more.
  • Audit your website hosting server; website speeds depends on server. You should choose better server.
  • Optimized the Image. You should reduce the image size like KB and use alt tag, title tag in image code.
  • Optimized header tag. You should use proper heading tag such as H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. You should use maximum 1 times H1 tag in your body.
  • All the on-page techniques will important for SEO audit you should analysis website proper and do proper on page.

There are various tools for SEO audit:

  1. Backlink Checker: (
  2. Content Checker: (
  3. Website Speed Test: (
  4. SEO audit tool: (
  5. W3c Validation checker: (
  6. Website management Tool: (
  7. All in One: (

All the tools helpful for website optimization and create SEO audit report. You can also download the format for SEO audit report.

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