How to Play YouTube Video in 1080p HD frame in Firefox

YouTube is world largest video hosting site on the internet. YouTube is providing the high definition video with different resolution. You can easily setup your video screen resolution. Basically HTML 5 is offering high quality video player in Firefox. Basically Adobe flash player is not supporting high resolution screen such as 1080p HD. You must be install HTML5 video player to play YouTube high resolution with high definition video on your Mozilla Firefox. YouTube is providing list of different screen resolution such as auto, 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p.

How to Setup 1080p HD frame in Firefox.

firefox-youtube-1080pFirst of all open the and search your video which you want to watch in 1080p HD format. Click on video to start running to watch. Click on gear icon from bottom of YouTube display frame. Gear icon is located from third position from left or right. Gear icon is listed beside the CC icon. Name of gear icon is set. You can say click on setting button, when you click on gear icon just flashes small frame on YouTube Video display Frame. Click on Quality drop-down menu and select 1080p HD. 1080p HD video is possible only for high definition video. If the videos don’t support the 1080p HD.You can’t select this option, Must be high definition video.

How to Setup 1080p HD frame in Firefox.

  1. Open YouTube website and search video with 1080p
  2. Click on video to play in YouTube display frame
  3. Click Setting Option (Gear icon)
  4. Click on Quality drop-down menu
  5. Choose 1080p HD option from quality menu

I have listed top 5 point to select 1080p HD video in Firefox. You must be install HTML5 player in your Mozilla Firefox before play 1080p HD video.

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