How to lead a strong Pay-Per-Click Team?

An expert PPC knowledge is not enough to achieve success for the paid search team and a lot more has to be done for becoming a great search engine marketing team. For a team leader, the most challenging task would be to create a strong paid search team for their business. Here are among the five tips that would help businesses to create strong paid search teams. The tips would help you deliver results as per your expectations and thereby provide enormous value to your clients as well as stakeholders.

It is about team and not an individual

If you want to become an effective leader, it is desirable to understand that it is more about team work and not individual contributions. The team performance is the most important thing when it comes to achieving success. Some of the major performance improvements should actually come from the team sub-ordinates. You will have to assign ownership of individual areas to each of the team members and thus the team would have more freedom in testing new ideas and thus innovate themselves without waiting for the permission from the team leader. Thus each members within a team could do what all is necessary at the same time they will be responsible for the results. It gives opportunity for the team members to enhance their skills and take some very bold decisions.

Understand the unique capabilities of team members

Each of the sub-ordinates within a team will have their own unique skills. For example, some of the team members would be skilled in leading the technical work of PPC whereas there would be another team member who is good at creating a better strategy for your business. At the same time, there would be other team members whose real strength is maintaining good client relations and understanding the client requirements. If a team leader is able to understand the unique skills of the team members, it is known as emotional intelligence as it helps team members to be placed in a position in which they could best succeed. It also helps you to understand what to do and when to do especially if you want to get the most out of your team members.

Give Feedback Regularly

Those who are leading the search engine marketing would like to know where they stand in terms of performance. You will have to give regular feedback regarding in what all areas a team member is doing well and the areas where they will need to improve so as to become more successful. There are a number of ways in which you could provide the feedback. It can be by conducting formal reviews or it can be providing feedback through one-to-one conversation. Regular feedback helps the team to keep continuous track of meeting as well as exceeding expectations.

Ensure the availability of Resources

It is up to you to always evaluate whether the team has enough resources that might be required to complete the tasks at hand. You will have to ask certain question yourself to know what all resources are unavailable.

  • Does the team have required skills to satisfy client requirements? If not, then what are the skills gaps that needs to be addressed?
  • Is there adequate support for the team so as to ensure the key priorities are being addressed?
  • Whether sufficient technological resources are available for supporting the team requirements?

Creating a Collaborative Environment

A successful team leader should focus on the individual achievements of the team members and should motivate them to work together towards achieving a common goal. This could be achieved by setting clear goals that are measurable. You will have to motivate both team as well as individual success. The team work has to be recognized and should praise individual team members whenever they go beyond expectations or exceed expectations that are put in place by the team management.


The success of PPC team is greatly influenced by how efficiently the team members manage the work and how the team leader is capable in getting the most out of each of the team members. By setting up clear goals and expectations and motivating a good team environment along with a rewarding collaborative behaviour would make the team ready towards the road to success.

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