How to Rotate Uploaded Video in YouTube

YouTube is number one video sharing platform on the internet. Millions of users are capturing the video via mobile phone and upload video on YouTube. Users are facing this type of problem like video display I vertical way.   You can rotate your mobile video according to your requirement. That is better for you display. You need to follow all the point which has mentioned below for rotate video on YouTube.

  1. Login in YouTube for upload video: you need to open in web browser and Click on Sign in button which is available on top right Corner. Sing in YouTube by user name and password.YouTube Login
  2. Click on My Channel: Click on My channel tab which is available on left navigationYouTube my channel
  3. Click on Video Manager: After Sign in YouTube, you need to select channel for publish video. If video has uploaded than move to video manager tab from left Navigation.  If you have not uploaded any video please upload video via upload button.YouTube Video manager
  4. Click on Edit and select info and Setting: when will you click on video manager tab. You see video list on right side of video manager tab. Which one you want to edit video than click on Edit button which is available on below of video title. Click on Edit button and select info and setting tab from edit dropdown button.YouTube Edit buttonYouTube info and setting
  5. Click on Enhancements: when you click on info and setting tab, you will see open new dashboard of YouTube. You see the header tab with black background color. You will see second tab enhancements. You can also find enhancement tab from CTRL+F. Click on enhancement tab for rotate video according to your requirement.Youtube enhancement
  6. Click on rotate button according to your requirement. When you click on enhancement button you see the new dashboard with new properties. You move right bottom for rotate video, you see the clockwise and anti clockwise button for rotate video.  Youtube rotate

I hope, you are enjoying from this post to do video rotate vertical to horizontal. You can earn money from YouTube.

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