How to Move a Piano by Yourself?

The piano is one of the greatest musical instrument. It is used by classical musicians for inspiring centuries and proving the way of imagination when it comes to Moving by yourself then it get much horrible. If you are desirous of moving the piano to your new location on account of any sort of reason, then it may cause of faint of your heart. Moving piano requires some manpower and preparation. It is a process that is considered to be tedious and strenuous. It has been managed by many moving

companies for carving out its own niche. Nowadays there are lots moving company that you can easily. If you live in Croydon, then the house removals Croydon service should be hired in such a way you could move piano irrespective of damages. Unlike the moving company, you are not enough expert in moving and you are not used to lifting the bulky and heavy items. Given the fact that piano’s weight can be from 300 to 1,000 pound or more. If you have a grand piano, then it is highly recommended stop thinking and does not do whatever you are going to do. It cannot be recommended to amateurs that any experiment is done with those. Since the price range of the piano could be from $1000 to $100,000. In the view of piano’s cost, you have to be extra cautious regarding this.

Before the move

If you are moving by yourself then it needs to be done in a sufficient way. Before moving you just make sure you are having all the supplies and materials for making the piano move safe and secure. You will be required plenty of blankets for sake of protection of piano. You will also have some tick towels to cover for avoiding your piano from scratch. It is the worse thing that you don’t want to let happen. The number of rolls of taps would be required for securing the blankets. If you want to move upright piano, then you will surely have use dolly which will be able to hold the weight of the piano. Moving grand piano is too difficult to move owing to big size and structure. It is highly recommended you have to find piano skid board for dealing with this situation. For holding piano on skid board you also require screwdriver and straps.

Ask to your friends and neighbor for help

Given the size and complexity of a piano. You have to assemble a strong for moving it. If the recommendation and suggestion are worthy of your, then you need to gather at least four Men. You may ask to your friends and neighbors for helping you out. Make sure they should even experience about moving and they could lift the heavy and bulky items. You should also make sure that they are properly putting on the moving clothes.

Doorways, staircases, and hallways should be measured

Ahead of move make sure you have measured all staircases, doorways, and hallways which through your piano will be passed. By measuring all these things you have a clear picture how easily piano will be passed through from these. There are other important things that you have to do ahead of moving your instrument all the doors are open, the floor is properly secured in a right manner and all the furniture are stepped aside that is how you could easily move your instrument. After this, you need to cover the sharp edges of the instrument for fear of getting scratch of way.

The professional movers to be preferred

No doubt, Moving is a tedious and strenuous task so it is not for you and keep away yourself from doing it. There is a number of companies that will help you to move, you should hire one of them after assuring all the mandatory things. Unlike the mover, you are not used to moving the bulky and heavy stuff.  So it is highly recommended always hire the professional company for your move in such a way you could make your move much easier.

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