How to Find Royalty Free Image from Google Advanced Image Search

Are you looking for Royalty free image for your website or blog to share and attract more visitors on your website? Royalty free image is best option to share image on your website because if you use paid image in your website or blog that means violence the copyright rule. Google Adsence is not accepted that website which is violence the copyright rule. You should avoid this type of image from your website. You should publish royalty free image on your website better for website ranking as well as Google adsence Earning.

How to Find Royalty Free Image from Google Advance image search?

Now, we are going to share the process how to search royalty free image from Google advance search. There are very easy way to find the advance image search in Google. you should follow the below method to find the Royalty free image from Google advance Image Search.

  1. First of all type the Keyword in Google Search engine and Click on the Search button
  2. Click on the Image tag from Google Search result or type the keyword in for image search
  3. Click on the Gear icon which is located in right top corner. Choose advance search option from setting option.

You can directly open the Google Advance Image Search setting form visit ( You should follow the below step to find the Google Advance search

  1. Type the Keyword in All these Words box
  2. Select the Image Size
  3. Select the Aspect ratio
  4. You can also select the colour of image
  5. Type of image
  6. File Type
  7. Usage Right: select the Free to use or share for royalty free image.
  8. Complete Advance image search setting and click on the advance search button.

Google Advance Image SearchThis is best option to search royalty free image from Google Advance image search. You should use this method to publish image in your website. You should avoid the royalty paid image from your website or blog.

Another Way to use Google Advance Image Search

Type the keyword in the Google Search box and click on the image tag to image search. Click on the Search tools to advance image search. Set the Color, size type time and usage right.

Google Advance Image Search

I have shared very important topic to find the royalty free image from Google advance image search.

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