How to Find Referral Traffic Source & Improve Referral Traffic

What is Referral Traffic?

Referral traffic is the part of traffic that reaches on your website through another website or source such as general website, social sites and much more. Google Analytic is divided in three formats of traffic such as direct traffic, referral traffic and organic traffic. It is very easy to understand to use point of view. You can check your referral traffic report; you got numbers of website list, which is recommended your website. You can easily find the source of a URL. Referral traffic reports help to understand about website linking. You can easily justify which links most effective is according to traffic. Referral traffic may be helping to improve organic traffic. Referral traffic is a very important factor for website promotion. According to my opinion, Alexa ranking and PageRank are mostly depending on referral traffic. You can easily improve PageRank and decrease Alexa ranking via strong backlinks.

Referral Traffic

Best Way to improve Referral Traffic

  1. Social Media sites: Social sites are a big part of referral traffic. You can easily improve referral traffic from social sites. This is generating billions of traffic daily, so you need to do social activity for your website. The social media site is the main part of referral traffic such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pintrest, YouTube and many more. You can improve the referral traffic from Facebook and other social sites. According to my opinion, numbers of shopping sites and branding sites are generating more than 20% referral traffic of whole traffic from social sites.
  2. SEO Off-Page: SEO Off-page methods are also a main role to improve referral traffic. 10% of referral traffics of whole website are generated from SEO off-page techniques such as social bookmarking sites and forum submission sites. Accepted both off page activity you can use article submission sites, press release submission sites, Business listing, Directory submission and Blog submission sites. Numbers of websites are generating thousand of referral traffic from infographic submission sites, photo sharing sites, video submission sites and ads posting sites. SEO off-page activities help to increase referral as well as organic traffic. You can easily improve the website ranking from SEO off-page.
  3. Email Marketing: this is another very important way to improve referral traffic. Numbers of websites are generating millions of traffic from email marketing services. Email marketing is very cost effective method. You should use this method to improve the referral traffic. Email marketing methods used for referral traffic as well as sale of the product.
  4. Commenting: this is also the best way to improve the referral traffic on your website. You need to submit a comment on the blogs and news sites with link; sure you can improve the referral traffic. Dofollow Blog commenting sites are helping to improve the referral traffic as well as organic traffic. You should use the dofollwo blog commenting site.

How to Find Referral Traffic Source

Referral Traffic Source

  1. You need to login your Google Analytic Tool using by Username and password
  2. You saw various website in your account which is integrated with your Google analytic tool.
  3. Click on the exact website for which you want to find the referral traffic source
  4. In the left panel you would see the Acquisition. click on Acquisition than click on All Traffic
  5. Under All Traffic you would see referral. Click on referral tab and get all the source of referral traffic according to date, time and location.

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