How to Find High CPC Keywords for your website

For most Bloggers, AdSense is the prime source of revenue and Adsense Optimization holds the maximum importance. The main target of Adsense Optimization is to get high eCPM (Cost per Thousand) and increase the CPC (Cost per Click). CPC accounts for the revenue generated per click, or the money made per click. Many people focus more on CTR (Click Trough Rate) than CPC, but if one really wants to generate the Adsense revenue, then he must focus on CPC more than CTR. A good CPC with decent CTR can be a more lucrative option than having thousands of impressions on the ad. In many cases, The Adsense publishers get huge traffic but are unable to generate revenue through Adsense CPC, e.g. a Non-English blog.

AdSense is the biggest ad network till date and everyone are using it to make money on their websites. But still, many people can’t make money out of it because of low AdSense CPC. The reason for this can be related to geography, niche, programmatic media buys, mobile, video, poor targeting, blocked advertisers, poor economy, seasonality, publisher coalitions for premium ads, size, and quantity of ads, improper ad placement, and smart pricing.

If the visitor does a single click on the ads displayed via Google AdSense, then the publisher earns money, which is CPC. The website owner can place the Ads on their web pages and blogs, for which they can get a percentage of what is paid to Google Adwords by the advertiser. Google has fixed the percentage to 68% to the publisher and the bid price as well. To attract advertisers to your site, the main point is to build good content and blogs so that they attract visitors. So, when you decide on writing an article, keep in mind the following points to find high CPC keywords and create attractive and quality content:-

  • The article should be helpful to others, apart from having good SEO. The topic of the article should be able to attract the maximum number of users.
  • Don’t write on any trending or in demand topic, as you will not be able to gather many viewers. So, better not to waste time on such topics and look for new keywords.
  • Proper research on the topics is a must.
  • Look for high CPC keywords using the Google Keyword Planner tool.
  • Make judicious use of high CPC keywords by using them in Headings, paragraphs, Image Alt and avoid using them unnecessarily as they can deteriorate the quality of your content.

So while considering these points, one can write a good, informative, research-based content about a topic using immaculate English without any grammatical errors. If you are working on WordPress, many different SEO plugins are available. Otherwise, using Meta keywords for SEO is also beneficial.

Apart from writing great content and generating traffic for your blog, gaining revenue through ads is like making more money in a smarter way. It is important to work smart, apart from working hard. So apart from driving high traffic, one must know the simplest ways to make money from ads by using Adsense CPC Keywords effectively. Below are some of the methods that can help you increasing your income along with increased traffic:-

Use Long tail keywords and high CPC AdSense Keywords

It is obvious that one can generate more money if they have higher targeted traffic on their blog, and higher Adsense earnings over time, with greater use of high-CPC keywords. Long tail keywords are useful in generating higher rank on search engines and help in generating high target organic traffic. Hittail and SEMRUSH are two amazing tools that can help you make a perfect money-making combination of long tail keywords that are also CPC AdSense keywords. Hittail analyzes your current blog traffic and suggests long tail keywords that can help to improve relevancy. SEMRUSH, one of the best marketing tools available, assists in identifying long tail, high CPC keywords in a very short span of time.

Find revenue-generating Adsense Keywords through SEMRUSH

SEMRUSH is an amazing tool because of its unique features and can be used to find profitable AdSense Keywords. One needs to have Google Docs spreadsheet to manage keywords (or any other tool to do the same), SEMRUSH account (14-day trial can also work) and a list of blogs with high and medium authority in your niche, to find the desired Keywords.

High CPC Keywords

Step 1: Login to your SEMRUSH account

Step 2: Enter the domain name that you want to use for finding long tail high CPC keywords

Step 3: On the next page, click on organic keywords > Full list, to see a list of Keywords that are driving traffic to the Warrior Forum.

Step 4: Click on the CPC tab to sort the list and you will get the high CPC keywords on the top of the list.

Note – An interesting point here is that the majority of high CPC AdSense keywords are usually long tail keywords that can fetch you as high as $70+ per click.

Step 5: Now that you can see the keywords with high CPC, choose the ones that are most suitable for your blog and store them in the Google doc that you use for content planning.

Step 6: Repeat the process for the other domains on the list to get an extensive list of high-CPC AdSense Keywords.

Using Keyword Planner Tool

Apart from SEMRUSH, Keyword Planner Tool is also available which is considered to be very easy to use. Simply go to the keyword planner and enter some of the seed long tail keywords or ideas in the search field. After you hit “Search”, you can find many high CPC keywords in the “keyword ideas” tab and the “suggested bid” gives you the idea of CPC of keywords. For more advanced search, copy the CPC keywords and search again. By this Rinse-and-Repeat method, you get high CPC keywords. Also, by sorting the keywords in Excel, in the ascending order of keyword competition and the descending order of CPC can fetch you good results. Another alternative is to remove all the keywords with medium and high competition and then sort by CPC.

high CPC Keywords

So, by following the above steps and getting to know the long tail   keywords targeting your niche, you can surely get a higher rank and drive more traffic and earn huge amounts through AdSense earnings. This will help you get low competition and high CPC keywords. Another point to keep note is that make sure that the maximum traffic is driven from countries like the US to maximize your scope of earnings.

High CPC Keywords List:

Are you looking for high CPC keywords list to your website to improve the Google Adsense Earning. Here you can find the high CPC Keywords list for Technologies categories blog. We are going to share high CPC Keywords list with CPC rate in dollar, you should write the blog on these topic to improve the website revenue. You can earn $200 in single click from your website.

List of High CPC Keywords for Tech blog High CPC Keywords CPC in $
1 define slippery slope 264.75
2 help desk trouble ticket software 205.76
3 sql create table with primary key 203.43
4 are emails case sensitive 198.56
5 sql group_concat 191.44
6 godaddy mail login 185.65
7 remote desktop sharing software 176.06
8 php mail function smtp 163.17
9 sql update multiple columns 162.68
10 sql is null 194.4
11 web design online schools 173.31
12 php mail function smtp 163.17
13 database indexes 160.32
14 instr function in sql 159.89
15 sql server varchar max 153.47
16 rank in sql 145.96
17 apple mail template 131.7
18 ecommerce website prices 129.48
19 web designer vs graphic designer 80.49
20 continuous integration testing tools 77.06
21 create newsletter in gmail 72.14
22 mail sender php 71.01
23 sql data type double 97.17
24 html form action attribute 100.62
25 best smartphone browser 103.22
26 mongo db wiki 212.24
27 network security management 99.54
28 what is a relation 111.61
29 render definition 119.22
30 wiki sip 99.16

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