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dailymotionDailymotion is the second largest and famous video hosting website in the world. Dailymotion is also offering various services for monetization your video. It is offering publisher account for earning the money from the dailymotion. It is easy to earn money from video. Dailymotion is offering two types of account for publisher fist is upload your video on dailymotion and another is share video in your website, social sharing website such as facebook, twitter, google plus, According to my opinion approx 10,000 impression dailymotion pay $30. There is various ways to share video on facebook, twitter and get payment from dailymotion.

What is the roll of facebook and twitter to earn money from dailymotion video? It is big roll of social sites to earn money from dailymotion and video. Dailymotion is pay money for 10,000 impression. You can add more and more impression from social sites. There are various point for activation of dailymotion publisher account.

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Some point I am share for how to earn money from dailymotion

  1. Website: it is major part of earning. First off all earn money from internet must have a website. Dailymotion is approved your account on your website. You can publisher video in your website and earn money from viewer.
  2. Facebook: another facebook is the also famous social media website where you can share video and earn money. Dailymotion is offering this type of facility. It is offering a addons for firefox mozzila. You can easily use the dailymotion add-ons.
  3. Twitter: it is also major part of social networking website. You will share video from dailymotion on twitter.

Dailymotion is offering very major opportunity for the publisher to earn money via facebook and twitter. You can say that dailymotion is the alternative of google ads, and youtube ads.

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