How to Disable Autoplay YouTube Video

YouTube is the most popular video hosting sites on the internet. YouTube has introduced new features to autoplay option. YouTube search autoplay video according to your interest and automatically play another video after finished watching a video. This is a great advantage of YouTube. A sometime user doesn’t want to watch related videos. You can disable the autoplay option in YouTube. Today, I am going to share how to disable autoplay option in YouTube. You need to follow below steps and method which is described how to disable autoplay YouTube video.

Method 1: How to Disable Autoplay YouTube Video

Open YouTube video on Web browser and Play Video. Click on Setting Button which is listed in bottom of Video play time. Setting option is display with gear icon in YouTube.

Disable Autoplay YouTube Video

Choose Autoplay option which is located in top of the setting option. Autoplay option display with red color Tick mark (√)Click on the Tick mark to Disable Autoplay YouTube video.

Disable Autoplay YouTube Video

Method 2: How to Disable Autoplay YouTube Video

Open the YouTube video, you can see the right side list of video in line to next play autoplay option with tick mark display with blue color.

Disable Autoplay YouTube Video

Click on the tick mark to disable autoplay YouTube video

Disable Autoplay YouTube Video

I have to share two methods to disable Autoplay YouTube Video. Both are very easy method to stop autoplay option on YouTube. You should follow this method. If you have another method to disable YouTube Autoplay Video option, please share by Comment.

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