How to Delete Whatsapp Account Permanently

Whatsapp is most famous mobile messaging app, which is allowed to communicate with user over the internet data or Wi-Fi. You can also call to users by Whatsapp without having to pay for the call and SMS. According to source news, more than six million users are using Whatsapp for messaging. This is first mobile app which activates by mobile phone no. now various mobile messaging apps which are allowing communicating with each other as a free.

How to Delete Whatsapp Account PermanentlyIf you no longer to use Whatsapp on your mobile phone you can delete your account as a simple way. Just follow the way how to delete Whatsapp account permanently from PC and Mobile phones. You should follow below steps by steps.

Deleting your account will do the following

  • Delete your account from WhatsApp.
  • Delete you from your friends’ WhatsApp Favorites lists.
  • Delete you from all WhatsApp groups.
  • Erase your message history on your phone.
  • Delete your WhatsApp service payment information.

Delete Whatsapp Account Permanently

First of all open Whatsapp apps in your mobile phone to delete account permanently.


Touch on setting icon which is located on top right corner with three vertical dots.


Touch account option which is located under setting option as a key icon. Account option is located third position from top.


Touch delete my account option which is listed under account option at fifth position from top. When you touch delete my account option a warning message will appear on your mobile screen implication of deleting your account: it will remove your profile information, delete all groups and erase all messages.


Type your mobile number which you want to delete Whatsapp account and touch Delete my Account button which is located below of number text box as a red color.

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How to Delete Your Whatsapp Account Permanently

I have shared above how to delete your Whatsapp account permanently from your mobile phone and Whatsapp. If you have any alternative way to delete a Whatsapp account from mobile phone please share by comment.

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