How to Delete KIK Messenger Account Permanently

The Full name of KIK is KIK messenger, it is an instant messaging app for the mobile phone, tab for all operating systems such as Android, IOS, Windows and blackberry. It is most popular messaging app, more than 5-10 million users are using KIK messenger. This is one of the best mobile apps which is allowed to connect with your friends, family, group and anyone on KIK messenger. You can share everything with your friends by KIK messenger such as Text, Image, Video and audio. All the latest features are provided by the KIK messenger. You should use this messenger and sent message as a free. Now, KIK messenger are similar to BBM, Whatsapp, messenger, and many more.

There are number of users want to relax from KIK messenger while short period of time. You have any problem related to KIK messenger you and drop mail to KIK messenger, you can also delete KIK account and uninstall from a mobile phone. You can easily deactivate KIK account permanently. You should need to follow below steps. When you delete KIK account once you can’t recover your data, friends, groups and message. Your friends can automatically delete from your account and your data can automatically delete from your friend’s account. There are various reasons to delete KIK account. You should follow below steps to delete KIK account permanently.

How to Delete KIK Messenger Account

You should remove all the conversation from KIK Messenger before delete KIK account. How to delete the entire conversation single click? You should follow this method to delete all the message from KIK account to Reset KIK Messenger to remove all Conversation.

Steps 1: First of all visit this link ( in your computer to delete KIK Account. This is the direct link to deactivate KIK account.

How to Delete KIK Account

Steps 2: Enter the Email ID which is associated with your KIK Account And click Go button which is located below of Email ID text box.

How to Delete KIK Account

Steps 3: confirmation link sent on your email ID which you enter in the KIK account and click on the Confirmation link from your mail account.

Steps 4: when you click on the confirmation link. If you want to deactivate account permanently then click on here link for delete KIK account permanently.

How to Delete KIK Account

Steps 5: Now KIK Account is deactivated but you should not login again in the KIK account. If you will login in the KIK account then your KIK account will be reactivated again. You should avoid to login in the KIK account after deactivate.

How to Delete KIK Account

You can’t permanently removed KIK account from KIK messenger. You should delete KIK account and uninstall KIK messenger apps for your mobile phone. This is a permanent solution to delete KIK account. If you have any question or issue regarding KIK account, you can drop by a comment. You can also ask question about KIK from me by dropping your question in the comment box.

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