How to Create YouTube Video Playlist

YouTube Playlist

YouTube is the best platform for video sharing, video submission and watch video online. Billions of users are opening YouTube website for watch video, share video and video submission. You can easily make brand in the market via video sharing. This is a very effective way to build brand in the market. You can also generate million of traffic from YouTube. Nowadays users are easily understood by Video so you need to publish video on YouTube. Publish video is not a difficult thing; you need to improve the video views that is very important and difficult things in the video marketing.

There is various ways to improve the Youtube Video views, Video likes and channel Subscribers. Playlist is one of the best and effective way to improve the views and like of video. You will be thinking, how to improve Video views via playlist. You know, playlist is a collection of videos. You need to create playlist with 50 video. You can easily share your playlist URL in social sites, social networking sites. If you are sending email any Friends, you can put the playlist link in Email Signature. It is very easily to put playlist link in signature because this is only one link. If any users have opened your playlist link than he can easily access all 50 videos.

Create YouTube Playlist

You can also promote your playlist URL in Search Engine via SEO off page. This is very strong way to generate traffic on your YouTube channel. Playlist URL is very important things according to SEO point of view. We are going to share how to create playlist in your YouTube Channel. There are some steps which have helped to build playlist. You should follow all the steps for creating Playlist.

Create Video Playlist YouTube

Sing in YouTube

Open YouTube site in web browser and Click on the “sign in” button which is located in top right corner with blue color.

login in YouTube

Enter “Username and password” and then click on the “Sign in” button which is listed just below. Login in YouTube creates video playlist. This is first step to do any things in YouTube.

My Channel

Click on the “My Channel” Option which is listed in Top left sidebar. My Channel is listed in second position from top with user icon.

Create Playlist on YouTube

Create Playlist on YouTube

Second option you have to click on “Video manger” which is located in top bar and left sidebar. Click on the “playlist” which is listed under video manger in dashboard.

Create Playlist on YouTube

Now you are on playlist home page. Click on the “(+) new playlist” button which is located in the top right of playlist screen. You may see 1 playlist is founded in your YouTube Channel.

Enter Title of Playlist

Now Enter “Playlist Title” to create new playlist on YouTube. Click on the “create” button which is listed in bottom of dropdown screen of new playlist. I have share with image for better and easily understood.

add description

After Creating new playlist in YouTube add the description of playlist for better branding and marketing on internet. Click on the “add a description” button which is located below playlist name.

add description in Playlist

Enter the “Playlist Description” in the text box and click on the done button which is located in top right corner of playlist description text area in blue color or click outside of text area to save your playlist description.

Create Playlist on YouTube

Click on the “Add videos” button to add videos in playlist to play one by one automatic. Add videos button is listed in right on playlist screen.

Create Playlist on YouTube

When you click on the “add video” button pop up new dialogue box with three options

  1. Add vides in playlist by YouTube video search: Type the Keyword in search box and press enter to search videos related your keywords. Select video which you want to add in your playlist and then press add videos button to add in your playlist.
  2. Add Video in Playlist by URL: past YouTube URL and again select video and click on the add video button.
  3. Add video in Playlist by you YouTube Video: you video is listed in this option select video and click add videos in your playlist.

According to your choice which videos you want to add in your playlist. Then click on the add video button which is listed in bottom of add video playlist screen.

Move video in Playlist

After add video in your playlist you can arrange your video according to your choice. To click on the “more” button and select “move top, move bottom” according to your. “more” button is located in right side of video.

I have listed important point of playlist creation. You should follow all the steps one by one to create playlist in YouTube. You need to promote YouTube video SEO Off page via Forums submission, Articles Submission, Press Release submission and Blog submission sites. I will recommend for Video Promotion.

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