How to Check Nofollow links in Website

What is Nofollow Links?

Nofollow Link is like a spamming link which doesn’t help in website for ranking. Basically blog commenting sites is using this type of link for stop spamming of links. You can say that this is an unnatural link building method to improve website ranking in a search engine result page. The Nofollow link doesn’t help for improving keyword position in the search engine result page according to search engine webmaster guideline. Nofollow links doesn’t indexed by search engine. You should avoid this link building method. According to my point of view, Nofollow links are like a junk link which harm for website health. Mostly webmaster is using Nofollow links for improving the referral traffic. Google is considering Nofollow links as black hat techniques you must avoid them. How to find the Nofollow links in a website. you need to find rel=”nofollow”.

There are various ways to find the Nofollow link in your website or your competitor website or link building website. You can easily judge which websites are offering Nofollow link and Dofollow. There are two ways to find Nofollow link such as manuals and by plugging. You can check manually without any software or plugging to follow all steps which has mentioned below.

  1. You need to do press Ctrl+U or right click on website and press view page source for see HTML part of website.Nofollow Links
  2. You need to press CTRL+F for find the Nofollow links.
  3. Wwrite rel=”nofollow” in search box.
  4. Press Enter to find Nofollow links.
  5. Press Highlight ALL Button to find all Nofollow links in Mozilla web browser.Nofollow Links2

There are various Nofollow plugging available on the internet for Mozilla, chrome and other browsers. I will advise for Mozilla browser. You want to install, plugging in your browser; you should follow steps which have mentioned below:

  1. Click on Mozilla Adds-on or click on Mozilla and press CTRL+Shift+ANofollow links 3
  2. Click on Get Add-ons Tab
  3. Right corner search box, you should write Nofollow and press enter
  4. You can seen Highlight Nofollow link click right corner install button
  5. Restart Mozilla for proper work
  6. Right click on web and click Nofollow tab
  7. Highlight Nofollow link with red background color.Nofollow Link4

I hope, you are enjoying from this post. You can easily check the Nofollow link. Don’t waste time for checking nofollow link. I think you should install the plug-in for a check nofollow link that is the best way to save time. I have also mentioned the video for better understanding. You can see to easily understand from a check Nofollow link on a website.

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