How to Check Mobile Number Portability Status Online?

Mobile Number Portability is a process the change the service provider with same number. You can change you service provider company when you are not satisfy from your service provider. It is possible to no need to change mobile number. There are very easy to do mobile number portability.  There are multiple reasons to mobile number portability such as extra call rate, not good single, connectivity problem and many more. This is main reasons to mobile number portability. There are some action require for mobile number portability, I am going to share the process of Mobile number portability.

How To Port your Mobile Number

  1. Call to Customer care of the new service provider, ask “I want to Port this Number” you need to understand what the document required and Term and Condition. Fill the CAF and Porting Form; you will need unique porting code.
  2. Get the Unique Porting Code: send the SMS to your service provider to get Unique Porting code. Service provider will send the UPC on your mobile number in 8 digit.
  3. Submit the CAF & porting Form in New Service provider with Document and Get new SIM with Same Number. Some Charge depends on the Mobile operators.
  4. Portable Mobile number can activate within 24 hours, time will take depends on the Mobile operator.

You can Easily check you Mobile number portability status from mnp india

  1. You need to mobile number and unique porting code to check the status of Portability.
  2. Visit the and click on known your porting status link which is located at top menu
  3. Submit the Mobile Number and UPC code and click on the submit Button to check status

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