How to Block YouTube & Facebook in PC from Children

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site and video streaming sites on the internet. Anyone can upload a video on YouTube with Google Account. Most of the content on YouTube is user-generated. Some of the video may be extreme for children. If you have any children at home and also have a computer at home, are worried about their children’s safety online. If your children use computers and the internet, may be open YouTube and Facebook. Block YouTube & Facebook in PC

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Most of the children are wasting time on Social site such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter and many more. Kids are not attention in study, may be watch wrong video in PC. You should block YouTube and Facebook in your PC for kid’s safety. How to block YouTube in your PC? How to block Facebook in Your PC? I am going to share how to block YouTube and Facebook in PC. You need to follow all the steps to block YouTube in PC. There are various ways to block YouTube in your PC.

How to block YouTube and Facebook in your PC

1. Click on Start Button which is located in bottom left corner with windows icon. Select Computer option from.Block YouTube & Facebook in PC
2. Click on C Drive and again click on windows => System32 => Drivers => ETC (C:WindowsSystem32driversetc)Block YouTube & Facebook in PC
3. Double Click on Hosts File and Select Notepad Application and click on ok ButtonBlock YouTube & Facebook in PC
4. Find the Localhost and Copy past below and change the localhost with website name such as and www.facebook.comBlock YouTube & Facebook in PC
5. Click on File option form notepad menu and click save asBlock YouTube & Facebook in PC
6. Restart your Computer and Check open website in your web browserBlock YouTube & Facebook in PC

How to block Only YouTube in Your PC

  1. Click on Safety:off button from footer of YouTube.Block YouTube & Facebook in PC
  2. Select On optionBlock YouTube & Facebook in PC
  3. Click on SaveBlock YouTube & Facebook in PC

I have shared block YouTube and Facebook website on your computer from children. Safe your children from internet and wasting time on these websites. You need to comment below this is the best way to block YouTube and Facebook your computer. You can also apply in your office computer to block social sites. You can also access the YouTube from video Proxy sites and Facebook Access from proxy sites.

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