How to Block and Mute Someone on Quora

Quora is most popular social networking and question answers website all around the world. Billion of users are using Quora worldwide. You can easily post your question on Quora. It may be some user might be post unrelated answer on your question. You can easily block that user or mute that user. It may be you have multiple reasons to block a user on Quora. You need to follow below steps to block users on Quora.

How to Block Some on Quora

Login in your Quora account by typing username and password in their respective field.

 How to Block Someone on Quora

Open the User profile page which you want to block. Click on the more icon which is display with three dot icons.

 How to Block Someone on Quora

Select the block option from more icons which is listed at second position from top.

 How to Block Someone on Quora

How to Mute Some on Quora

Choose the mute option from more icons for mute user.

 How to Block Someone on Quora

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