How to Get Backup Whatsapp Message on Google Drive

Backup Whatsapp Message on Google Drive

Whatsapp users are worried about Whatsapp message when I drop my mobile phone into water or missing mobile phone on road, buses or anywhere. The Whatsapp message can’t take. Now Google has announced you can take Backup of your Whatsapp message like text, photo, video voice and everything. This is great news for Whatsapp users to take the backup Whatsapp message on Google drive easily. There is no need to worry about to backup of Whatsapp message or any mobile chatting apps. You can easily create backup of your Whatsapp message. You should follow below steps how to backup Whatsapp message in your Google drive.Backup Whatsapp Message on Google Drive

Get Backup Whatsapp Message in Google Drive

  1. Open Whataspp in your mobile phone
  2. Touch on Menu icon which is listed in right top corner with three vertical dots
  3. Touch on setting option in drop- down list which is located at lat of drop-down menu
  4. Touch on Chat Setting option which is located at fourth position from top on setting page.
  5. Touch on Backup Chats tab which is located at fifth position from top on chat setting page.
  6. Tab on Backup to Google Drive and setup the backup frequency to your linking
  7. You will be promoted to choose a Google account that you will backup your Whatsapp chat history to.
  8. Tap on backup over to choose the network you wish to use for backup. This process may take a few minutes according to data.

Note: Depending on the size of the Whatsapp chat message, the first complete backup could take a while. We recommend that you connect your phone to a power source. However, subsequent backups are incremental, thus not requiring a fully new backup of all your data every time.

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