Deindexed: When You Domain is completely Remove from Google that is known as Banned. Google remove all the pages from database.

Penalized: When you Domain or Web pages still exists in Google but none of your web pages can found through direct search queries.

Sandboxed: you Domain or Web pages wasn’t deindexed or penalized, but the traffic will suddenly drops and keyword ranking is also drop some of important keyword.

Sandbox is a Google ranking algorithm which is applied for over optimization website to drop traffic for some times. Website pages are still rank in the Google. Competitive keywords ranking will drop that means sandbox.

Effect of Google Sandbox Penalty

Basically, when you promote your website with highly competitive keywords and create numbers of anchor tag with keywords. Sandbox Penalty effect to drop some keyword ranking in Google Search engine result page. You can easily analysis your website about Sandbox Penalty. There are some tool which is helping to analysis sandbox penalty, for example, Google Analytic and Google Webmaster. When website traffic will drop automatically in Google analytics tool, you need to understand your website has gone in the Google Sandbox.

Google’s John Mueller, has mentioned that “it can take a bit of time for search engines to catch up with your content, and to learn to treat it appropriately. It’s one thing to have a fantastic website, but search engines generally need a bit more to be able to confirm that, and to rank your site – your content – appropriately”.

Google Sandbox Effect

How to recover your website From Google Sandbox Penalty?

Over Optimization is main issue for Sandbox Penalty. You can say that anti link spamming techniques. It is not effective for big amount of time; you can easily recover your domain from the Google Sandbox Penalty. You must be following below guideline to recover from the Google Sandbox Penalty.

Google Sandbox Penalty recover

You should remove all the No-follow Back link of website. You need to enter your Google webmaster tool and find the Back link list. You need to check every back link domain which one is offering No-follow link. Download the link sheet and submit in the disavow tool to block the No-follow link. You need to block those links which is offering like a link spamming. You can block the entire link from disavow tool.

This is another way to recover from the Google Sandbox Penalty. You need to change in basic website structure as well as content from every page and also submit in the Google. Website Content is one of the best options to recover website from the Google Sandbox Penalty. You should publish high quality and fresh content on your website as well as in bulk. You should also update your website daily or weekly basis from new, blog, article. You can recover your website from the Google sandbox penalty within a month.