Top 5 Ways To Destroy Your Cell Phone

It was not many years ago that no one had a cell phone. But we have evolved to a society that depends on our electronic devices every day. Our business and personal contacts are stored on our phones. We have hundreds of personal pictures on our phones at any given moment. Our calendars and agendas to lead us for the next 6 months are on our phones. We are always looking for the next and better cell phone to come on the market and we waste no time going to buy it.

Today a smartphone can cost hundreds of dollars. Between our financial investment and our day to day life plans on our cell phones, it is important that we do not lose or break them. But they do break. Maybe this list will help you avoid the nightmare of a broken device.

  • Exposing our cell phones to the elements
    • Exposing your cell phone to extreme heat or extreme cold. This is a sure way to destroy a phone. If you would not leave your child or your pet in the car due to temperature, it is not safe to leave your cell phone either. If you are in a situation where your cell phone is exposed to the elements, turn it off and do not turn it back on until it is at room temperature and completely dry.
  • Leaving it on 24/7
    • Cell phones are workhorses. They work harder and longer than our computers, laptops, and most other electronics. We have grown to expect them to always be on and available. But never giving your cell phone downtime can damage the phone and give your errors. Once per week, shut your phone off for 30 minutes and power it down. This gives it time to reset and protects your phone.
  • Getting it wet

We all know that even a drop or two of water can ruin your cell phone. It can destroy it beyond repair. We all have heard of the “rice trick” that will help you get the water out of your phone. The best defense is a good offense. If you are jogging, near a pool, or riding a bike, keep your phone in a waterproof case. If you get your phone wet, power it off (and leave it off) and try the “rice trick”

  • Dropping it

We all know this is a problem, yet we drop our phones all the time. We place the phone next to our leg in the car and forget it until we knock it to the ground when we exit. We try to text and walk and sooner or later there will be a crack on the sidewalk or debris on the sidewalk that makes us lose our grip for a second. That is just how long it takes to drop this expensive device – a second. (using a high quality case and screen protector will take care of most drops without damage to the phone.)

  • Taking your phone to the bathroom with you

I know you are thinking, he already warned us about wetness, but it is not just the danger of dropping your phone in the toilet, sink, or shower that can destroy it. Steam is an equal threat. Steam makes its way into every tiny space in your phone and steam is water. Taking your cell phone into the bathroom when you shower is asking for it not to work.

If you do damage your cell phone. Do not rush off to your service provider, debit card in hand. Do not try to take it apart and fix it yourself. There are many qualified people out there who can fix your broken phone. Turn it off and take it a service repair shop as soon as possible.

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