How To Extend The Life Of Your Microwave Oven

In recent times, urban cities and nuclear families are the order of the day in India. The dense sprawling green fields the British ruled over have gone on to become multi-storeyed buildings. In the good old times, families of over four generations stayed together. The food was prepared in unison for the entire household. The householder used to work in the fields whereas the housewife did the cooking part. Now, a major shift has come. But not at present. In urban cities, the father and mother go to work while the children go to school or college. The seniors lead a retired life.

So the women have to perform multiple duties. She has to go to the office and also perform the work in the house. How does she save time? By making use of electronic appliances. In the old times, our grandmothers used blowpipes to light the fire. But now, they have the gas stove. And for every dish in the old ages, they have to cook multiple times. But now, they have an electronic appliance for every activity. The washing machine does the laundry, the fridge does the saving part of food items in summer, and the geyser to heat the water. The microwave oven does its part effectively in the last hours of the day. When the head of the family, his wife, and children come out tired, the device is used for heating the pre-prepared food. So, in urban cities, food is cooked in the morning and kept for the entire day in the fridge. For breakfast, it is a different dish. For lunch, it is another. And for dinner, the seniors prepare the food. Or, the food prepared during the breakfast becomes dinner. The food that is kept in the fridge is taken out and heated in the microwave oven.

So, you now know the importance of microwave oven. Is it easy to use the appliance? Yes, if you read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly. Or else you may start a fire or end up suffering burns. But hold on – it is similar to other electronic appliances. When there is no proper maintenance, it can malfunction. The worst part is, it can lead to accidents. In this article, we will take account of the foods that you cannot keep in the microwave oven.

You have read the manufacturer’s instructions to the T. You follow the rules strictly, but sometimes you get a spark in the oven. This is the time to exercise caution. It is better to read the manufacturer’s instructions again. Though microwave is for heating purposes, you cannot heat every food item. Mentioned below are some of the items that pose a risk in the device.

Metal Items

In recent times, rife competition has made steel companies design excellent type of utensils. Although these utensils add ambiance to your kitchen, as a rule, should not be used in the oven for any purpose. The best items to place food in the oven are glass and ceramics. Yes, nowadays, you can also get hard plastic. But ensure that you check at the bowls’ bottom, it can be used for microwave oven purposes.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Microwave Oven

All Recipes

You may be a chef or a specialist in cooking various recipes, but never use the microwave oven for preparation of dishes. A recipe contains many ingredients. For example, a South Indian dish of “Varan” comprises of dal, vegetables such as chili, potato, peas and more. And a potato kept in the fridge can become hard. So do not mix with water, put the necessary ingredients and keep in the oven, any dish or recipe. The recipe will never see the light of the day. So, some vegetables may get cooked and others, well, they remain the same, hard. The reason – microwave does not have the tendency to heat all directions of the bowl. How will you feel, if a recipe contains cooked and uncooked vegetables? Did it give you the shivers? Yikes!

How To Extend The Life Of Your Microwave Oven

Usually, a recipe with water, already prepared, gets heated more quickly than the one without water. If you want an example, compare a soup with fried potatoes.

Duration and Temperature

Two factors that need attention for a perfect heating of the dishes are temperature and duration. Usually, home improvement experts specify on 75-degree Celsius, but it varies for different recipes. If you have got more water in the recipes, then you can see the steam.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Microwave Oven


The most important aspect of your side. As the leader of the house, you should ensure every appliance is kept clean. Regarding the microwave, clean every nook and corner. The reason, if small food amounts are stuck in the corner, for the next recipe when you heat, they can make a grand entry.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Microwave Oven

You should also use a good detergent to clean the interior and exterior. The rule – never use a damp cloth dipped in hot water. So, the best products are recyclable paper towels. Oh yes! You may also use the tea towels for the cleaning purpose.


One of the most difficult food types to explain. Okay, let us go this way. For cooking purposes, even if it is for a small duration, do not use the device. The reason, since the heat is not distributed in all directions, the meat is not cooked properly. Some sides, it will be over-cooked and in other directions, it will be raw.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Microwave Oven


An egg, savored a day, gives the best nutrition to the body in terms of vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. But never use the same in the oven. The constituents are enclosed in a hard shell. When you place inside the oven, the constituents get heated and turns to vapor. The result will be an explosion.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Microwave Oven


So, have you got the details of the food items you should not keep in the microwave oven? There may be many more, but we have compiled only a few that are in general use. And it is not that an oven is a magical appliance that can run on its own. It also needs maintenance. Now, let us imagine, in an unfortunate situation, the device goes bonkers. And you are in Bangalore. So, is there an easy way you can search for specialists for the best microwave wave repair in Bangalore? Yes, with the assistance of home maintenance companies. There are companies which offer services to top quality handyman professionals at the customer’s doorstep in Bangalore. And it is also very easy to book a service. You just have to download the app, place the request as per your convenience. A call, you will get before the scheduled date to confirm the booking and to know the type of repair. On the scheduled day, the concerned person will come and submit a quotation. If you approve of the charges, the work will start. The device, it will be restored to normal.

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