The Rising Trend of Day Boarding School in Delhi

Most public schools in Delhi offer day-boarding facilities to the students by keeping them in school for long-hours. The top day boarding school in Delhi offers excellent facilities to students for their overall development.

Today, the trend of boarding schools has shifted to day-boarding as schools are providing this facility for the working parents. In day-boarding school, students study and live for the whole day with their fellow friends and teachers. Day boarding means no homework, no extra studies and no tuition. Top day boarding school in Delhi and NCR are taking on growing number of day-boarders who sleep at home but nearly spend every waking hour at school as their parents work late.

These schools offer a secure environment to the kids after school hours. Full assistance is provided to the students for the completion of homework and also preparing them for the forthcoming class tests. There is a comprehensive study routine for kids interspersed with the activities like music and sports facilities conducted by the experts. Students are also provided with the meal facilities in the school premises.

Day Boarding – A blessing for the working parents
Modern homes have now become nuclear and in majority of urban cities like Delhi, both parents are working. Thus, the biggest challenge for them is to allocate time and attention to a child when needed the most. Day boarding schools are like a blessing for the working parents. Moreover, the child constantly remains under the supervision of responsible teachers in the day boarding schools.

The teaching pattern at day boarding school in Delhi is similar to any other school. The teachers are highly professional and experienced. Children at these schools are engaged in various creative activities for their cognitive skill development. Special tutors are available after school hours that help in their academics. The students complete their assignment within the school and go home just to spend time with their family. Good eating habits are developed in the students as they enjoy nutritious and balanced diet provided in school meals.

Benefits of day boarding schools
The teaching learning methodologies at top day boarding school in Delhi is quite remarkable. The staff works for the holistic development of the students. Here are the main advantages of day boarding schools:

1. The child gets exposure to all kinds of information and remains aware all the time about the different social and political activities.
2. Day boarding schools enhance the general knowledge of the students.
3. Top day boarding schools also allow the students to involve in extra-curricular activities like music and sports to make them smarter and sharp. Individual attention is given to the students.
4. The annual academic result of top day boarding schools are high as students complete their homework and extra work under the supervision of their teachers.
5. Day boarders follow a well-organized time table including academics, art, sports and other recreational activities. The extra-hours in schools help in developing the self-study habits in the students and make them independent learners.

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