A Quick Guide About IATA Courses


IATA supports several areas of aviation industry and formulates industrial guidelines and policies on complex aviation issues which are implemented worldwide. IATA works on the concept of ‘Global Development and Regional Delivery’ in which the head office divisions drive the development of global standards, advocacy positions and system, while the regional and country office divisions are responsible for implementation.

If you are looking for the best IATA courses anywhere in India then Delhi could be the best place for you. A good IATA course in Delhi is ideal for the young professionals looking to achieve a head start in this industry. In different IATA courses in Delhi, special emphasis is given to procedures and customer service, basics of travel and tourism industry, operational functions of airports and broad understanding of the cargo agency. These courses are proposed to be provided on standalone basis or as add on programs with hotel management and logistics course. In-house training is also provided on various IATA programs.

Here is a list of important IATA courses in Delhi which are valid worldwide:

  • Aviation Services – In this program, you will learn about important customer service skills and become well equipped to grab a professional flying job in airlines. Working as a cabin crew for a top airline is a challenging and exciting experience. The job also demands a high degree of specialization and responsibility to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers in accordance with industry regulations. The course is best suited for people interested in a career as member of cabin crew.
  • Airport Operations – You will learn everything about operational functions of an airport. You will also know the history of aviation industry and discover various airport partners and customers. Recently appointed airport staff, newcomers to the industry and travel industry staff can join this course.
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism – You will study the basics of the tourism and travel industry and understand what it takes to become a top travel agent. This Diploma in Travel and Tourism course helps to improve your sales and customer service skills in order to better advise the clients about where and when to travel based on their needs. In this diploma, you will also learn how to provide the best flight; tour options and accommodation and ensure that customers fulfill all necessary travel requirements. Travel agents, tour operators, entry level staff, call centre agents and airline reservation agents, etc., can join the course.
  • Cargo Introductory – You will learn about basic cargo procedures and rules like how airline cargo units and freight forwarders, etc., operate. Cargo operations managers, cargo training specialists, freight forwarders, cargo agents and cargo industry entry level staff can join this IATA course.


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